Regina Harsanyi: Hi, my name is Regina Harsanyi and I’m interviewing Andrien Lasaru[sic]. (Points camera at Adrien). This is Andrien.

AL: Hello

RH: Uh, what’s your favorite movie and why?

AL: My favorite movie would have to be the Lord of the Rings trilogy because I like the combination… how they use good story with a nice location and also uh, good action to keep you into it.

RH: I have to ask you this, uh, did you like the book or movie better?

AL: Umm, I don’t know. In my opinion they’re both, it both depends on what you want. The books tell you the story in more detail but the movies kind of, uh, keep you entertained better with more action.

RH: Okay, um, what’s your desired major and why?

AL: Uh, my desired major is going to be computer science because I like learning how to use computers and I want to know how to program.

RH: Uh, what are some things you do in your spare time?

AL: Um, in my spare time I mainly like to go outside, read sometimes, hang out with friends, play video games…

RH: (cutting him off) You like to read?

AL: Yeah, a little bit

RH: Um, what’s your favorite book? Is it -Lord of the Rings- or…

AL: Uh, I don’t know. It would have to… I can’t really decide. It would have to be either -Lord of the Rings-, um, -The Three Musketeers- or the -Chronicles of Narnia-.

RH: Um, now I have to ask you this. This is a generic question. If you were stuck on a desert island, what three items would you have to bring with you?

AL: Um, let’s see. Probably a t.v. with my x-box…

RH: How would you plug that in?

AL: I was going to say a generator…

RH: Oh-ho!

AL: So, mainly because that’s the easiest way I communicate with my friends so.


When we were first informed about the interview project I assumed we could pick our own partners so I quickly jotted down ideas with Beatrice, my roommate, on how we could make this work. I was caught off guard when it was made known that the partners would be picked for us. I am sometimes awkward, even a little cold when it comes to meeting people so, I was a little freaked out to say the least. Interviewing others isn’t something I’m all that experienced with, a.k.a not at all. Originally I planned on making it seem as formal as possible and didn’t think to make it laid back or casual. I regret it not being more fluid. I was glad to work with Adrien because he was interesting and easy to work with. I wish it was more candid. I now think the questions shouldn’t have been written down beforehand. I think I felt pressured by the two minute time limit. My biggest problem was cutting off Adrien. It wasn’t professional and downright rude in my opinion. At this same time, I did listen to everything he said intently. I have an idea of who Adrien is even if it’s not on a completely personal level which would have been more appropriate. There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes unless you do not learn from them. I have learned from mine.

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One Response to “Interview Transcript with Adrien”

  1.   Adrian Lesaru Says:

    When Regina says that the Interview could have been a little less formal and scripted, as the one being interviewed even though it was scripted it didnt seem as formal as she made it out to be and when I watch the Interview and put myself in the position of a viewer it also seems like it wasn’t at all that formal but on the other hand people who think like Regina might see it as formal.

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