I made a list of who got what, and there is a little confusion, and some people haven’t picked yet. Use the word “mine,” but remember that there was overlap between the ones I posted, and some of the ones contributed.

Let’s figure this out on Monday, but so far:

Zarraf — photos in Powdermaker
Aaron — a rock? (make sure this isn’t the same as Regie’s 9/11 plaque)
Carlene — compass thing between Klapper and Dining Hall (FL)
Justin– Cooperman plaza
Regie — the 9/11 plaque and environs
Ikey –steel triangle thing on the grass/star destroyer (FL)
Mathias — the Discimus gateway
Matthew — looks like stacked logs
Adrian —  tower behind library
Cindy –metal plates and pipes in front of planted trees
Jenny — rusted steel (?) curvy things (FL)
John — spheres outside Klapper (FL)
Brad — over Remsen Hall
Beatrice — the clock tower
Kevin — the bricks “in loving memory” “class of 1967” (FL)
Nash — outside Copland School (FL)  / 12:09
**Mark — (conflicts with Nash’s pick  / 12:16)
Steph —  the piece in the library –2nd floor?
Maya — the cut up cube
Russell — bent pipes (FL)

FL = claimed under the “Filming Locations” page. #2 and #5 there still unclaimed, plus lots of other stuff

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5 Responses to “Artwork Choices”

  1.   Brad Bujan Says:

    anyone not satisfied with their picks?

  2.   nashholl Says:

    I changed my mind, i don’t want number 4 in filming locations, so Mark can take it. I claimed the botanical artwork, one of the photos i had taken.

  3.   Matthew Kruczowy Says:

    Is it fair that someone takes the photo you took? I mean, I took my photo with intentions of writing a paper about it. Many of the pictures taken seem to have been taken just to satisfy that nights homework with no deeper meaning as to why they took the picture in the first place. Personally, I think there should be some sort of photo taker priority.

  4.   Kevin L. Ferguson Says:

    Let’s talk about this in class–we did it on a “first come” basis, but maybe others feel like you do.

  5.   Kevin L. Ferguson Says:

    The class decided to stick to the “first come” system–if anyone is unhappy with his or her pic, he or she might try to switch with someone else?

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