1. dorm room door with my name on it

2.medium shot of me

3.funny sports blooper

4.actual interview footage

5.image of  a “weird” guy wearing pink

65.”cool” person wearing blue

76.actual interview footage

87.really skinny hungry kids

98.a fridge full of food

109.someone waiting for the bus right in front of a car dealership in the rain

11.someone parking near baruch on a sunny day

12.interview footage

13.footage of QC campus ending at the summit during the day with people walking around

14.shot of the sunsetting

15.The front of the summit empty during nighttime

16.people in their rooms watching tv or doing homework

17.people partying in a different school

18.close up of someone chugging a beer

19.Close up of ambulance lights

20.Close up of cemetery

21.Widen shot show beer chugging person walking by

22.close up of hospital bracelet, showing DOB and age 17

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