1. long shot of maspeth
2. walking into the movie theater
3. close up of matt smiling
4. theater darkens
5. he sits up in his seat anxious
6. cut to a shot of the nyc skyline
7. cut to a group of his friends
8. slow turn to him walking down the streets of manhattan
9. close up of him looking around and smiling
10. shot of a classroom
11. shot of a laptop
12. shot of him sitting down in front of the laptop
13. cut to a picture of a brain
14. slow, long shot of matt sitting alone in a quiet room
15. close up of his thinking
16. a slow fade out

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2 Responses to “Eisenstein interview montage”

  1.   Mathias Kranacher Says:

    I would love to see this actually play out! I hope Ferguson lets us one day. I really liked how you put a lot of attention to me in the movie theater. Sad to say, thats how I actually am! If the movie gets intense and Im really into it, I lean forward and zone out at the screen.
    I also liked the part about me ‘frying my brain’ in Philosophy. Good job! I hope we can make this real!

  2.   Kevin L. Ferguson Says:

    I agree! Seeing the “Eisenstein Cut” of these interview films would be awesome–I love everyone’s creativity with trying to think of “attractions” that would get across an emotional point. I think I’m going to make that a required assignment next time I teach this course.

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