Script of Montage of film attractions film

1.       Picture of Mark to introduce the subject

2.       Someone waving a Colombian flag

3.       A shot of Elmhurst, like a view of the town and Marks home

4.       Show a large foot stomping on a whole football team to show competition and squashing the other competitors

5.        Picture of Marks step father

6.       A shot of little kid running toward his father jumping into his arms smiling screaming “DADDYY!” to convey the emotion of a kid who is so excited and close to their father an emotion that would hit home to anyone watching that has ever felt that before.

7.       To show what Mark’s step father has shown him I would show a picture of his step father an him and then throw in a basketball, a football, and CDs to show that that is what his step father gave to him and showed him.

8.       Since Mark loves playing sports I would want to show a shot of people playing basketball

9.       A shot people playing Soccer

10.   A shot of people playing Volleyball

11.   A shot of a ping pong competition

12.   A shot of baseball and then a big red ex through it

13.   A shot of people playing football

14.   A shot of someone playing video games getting all into it on their x-box live

15.   Since the interview is first a foremost about Mark I would want a shot of him

16.   A shot of the interview location

17.   A shot of the entrance of Queens College

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