Shot 1: The background of where the interview is taking place (Dorm).

Shot 2: Slowly show the person being interviewed

Shot 3: Long shot and have light shining upon Beatrice.

Shot 4: Close up of Beatrice’s face

Shot 5: Medium shot of Beatrice’s head down.

Shot 6: Show a picture of Romania.

Shot 7: A scene of a family immigrating to America.

Shot 8: Zoom into her eyes

Shot 9: An image of Disney World with fireworks and Beatrice running around and playing with toys.

Shot 10: Close up of her smile.

Shot 11: Show clips from various sappy love stories that she likes such as the Note Book.

Shot 12: Medium shot of Beatrice then slowly zoom in.  

Shot 13: Have a picture of her parents. 

Shot 14: Have a heart appear in the foreground.

Shot 15: Picture of a middle school in one corner then crossed out and replaced with a picture of an elementary school.

Shot 16: A large number one appears on screen then slowly fades away.

Shot 17: While Beatrice is speaking a picture of music notes pop up, books and lines from famous poets.

Shot 18: Medium shot of Beatrice and then zoom into her smile when she mentions poetry.

Shot 19: Picture of a pathologist working with a person with a speech disorder.

Shot 20: Medium shot of Beatrice with her last remarks of what she hopes to get out of English class with a fade out.

Shot 21: Black screen.

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