1. Silence first.
  2. Shot of Maya sitting. Close up on her.
  3. Blank name tag. (Asks name)
  4. Shot of Queens  College (why she came here)
  5. Shot of mass-transit.
  6. Campus photos (She replies with Convenience and I liked the campus)
  7. Hobbies. Clip of basketball, music, movies etc…
  8. Clip art of TV show Bones (says she watches TV; favorite show is Bones)
  9. Clip of someone playing a musical instrument. (says she likes to play live music)
  10. Clip of a smile. (she giggles after reply)
  11. Shot of women in a business suit (resembles what she wants to be in the future; asks about major.)
  12.  Long shot of movie studio. (she’s leaning towards Media Studies)
  13. Clip of someone dropping a textbook. (Asks what class/classes would she drop if she could)
  14. Show cover of a Political Science textbook.
  15. Question mark.
  16. Clip art of a pause sign (she pauses to think)
  17. Clip of someone tired ( says it take al lot out of her.)
  18. Long shot of someone writing at a desk with mounds of paper surrounding them. (says it’s a lot of writing.)
  19. Clip of shaking hands. (thank you)
  20. Clip art of someone waving goodbye (ending of interview.)
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