1.Zarraf is talking about his first movie in his life.
2.Close-up of Cindy’s confused face.
3.Close-up of a monkey scratching its head and showing a confused face.
4.Zarraf is talking about the talking pig.
5.Close-up. A pig.(It doesnt necessarily show a talking pig.)
6.Zarraf is talking about Indian movie.
7.Showing an Indian girl who is dancing ‘belly dance’.
8.Zarraf is talking about his philosophy class.
9.Showing a surprised face (because ‘Philosophy’seems it is a big and special thing to do for me.)
10.Zarraf is talking about interesting things in Philosophy class.
11.Student who looks so tired and he throws books and notes on a table and sits down and studys hard.
12.A working ox on the field.
13.Zarraf nods his head when he talks about he likes Queens College.
14.Showing people walking around in Queens College and on every benches, there are students who are waiting for classes and reading books.
15.A picture of hell and devil’s smiling face.
16.Zarraf is talking about the English 110 class.
17.Again. Close-up. The hard-working student fall asleep.
18.Close-up. A hand of a falling man hits the ground.
19.Zarraf’s face. (The end of the interview.)
20.Long shot. Slowly away from the hard-working student and close the door of the room where the student is in.

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