Sorry! This is pretty bad.

1. I wave and then point to Adrien who waves.
2. I show a scene of lord of the rings that will give a clear example of “good action”
3. Show Adrien Smiling
4.then play a scene from a chick flick with boring negative music in the background.
5. Show an old (possibly black and white) clip of people reading then another action sequence (5 seconds or so, maybe less) from LOTR
6.Adrien with his thumbs up smiling.
7. Show a man depressed working at Mcdonalds.
8.Show the same man with a white collard shirt and large glasses sitting at a computer
9. Adrien smiling with his thumbs up.
10. Show a guy with a bored expression sitting alone on a couch.
11.Show a scene of a group of people reading outside and playing with PSPs seemingly happy.
12. Show Adrien with a book that doesn’t have a titled cover scratching his chin
13.then fade into a sequence of thethree muskateers fighting a lion with a crown in the forest of moving trees from lotr.
14. Quickly show a scene with a man depressed and alone on a deserted island.
15. Show a guy with tattered clothes sitting on an island with a generator hooked up to an xbox
16. Show Adrien wave goodbye
17. Then show Regina (me) wave goodbye.

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