Montage of attractions script:

1. Medium shot on the face.
2. Pan away to show rest of John.
3. John says “I live in Stormville, NY”
4. cut to image of imporrtant location in Stormville (building, etc)
5. Cut back to John.
6. John explains hobbies- history and movies.
7. Cut to history books and movie theater.
8. Cut back to John
8. John explains favorite movie- Clerks.
10. Cut to scene from Clerks- Jay and Silent Bob talking to Dante.
11. Back to John stating he dorms.
12. Camera zooms in on The Summit.
13. Cut to John’s dorm room. Door opens.
14. Panoramic view of John’s dorm room.
15. Cut to John back in the interview room.
16. John explains how he likes Queens College.
17. Camera zooms out of the interview room.
18. Full shot of Queens College.

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