As I was unable to attend class on Monday i decided to go through posts made. From this I’ve concluded that we’re re-imagining our filmed interviews. Instead of the simple interviews which we had begun with we’ve been entrusted to make an explosion of conflict and montage in the prospectus of Eisenhower. Many students have decided to use imaginative plots, props and effects to make their video pop as well as including a hint of comedy and drama in their pieces.

Aside from that, Professor Ferguson has also reminded us that he may not be in attendance the following week. If we could take a trip back to the very beginning of our classes we can recollect that our dear Professor is nearing the due date of the birth of a child with his wife. CONGRATULATIONS!

P.S: To clarify, the comments we need to make which if you glance at your syllabus that are due on Saturdays are to be commented on reflections.

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