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5 Responses to “The third assignement – observational documentary”

  1.   Jenny Lu Says:

    I think your video is so amazing. I like how you controlled the camera and the way you zoomed so close into areas of the art work that I felt like I was going literally into the art work. There was this one part of the pipes that I though looked like snake skin. I also like how there are rain drops on it, it gives it a very dramatic? feel.

  2.   IJ Says:

    I agree with Jenny about the raindrops, they definitely add something. I also like the camera angles, especially the closeups. Every shot shows something different which keeps the movie from becoming repetitive.

  3.   Zarraf Choudhury Says:

    Haha. I see everyone else already talked about the raindrops. But, adding that to the video really helped with the mood of both the piece and the documentary.

  4.   regiesh Says:

    Your project is possibly my favorite. You somehow took a small structure and made all three minutes interesting. Your angles were perfect. I really liked when you went between the spaces of the bottom piece. The rain also somehow definitely aids in the video. You obviously understood the assignment. This seems like an obvious statement but if you view some of the other projects it seems like they didn’t quite get it. Great job!

  5.   Stephanie Shiwram Says:

    after watching your video i realized that this was a true observational video. the way you zoomed the camera and focused on certain parts of the artwork one at a time made me really “see” the artwork. in other words i felt like i was there in a way and i could see the detail of the pipes and the metal thing at the bottom. i like how you at first u started at the top and then i thought you were going down the pipe but instead you stayed at the top and zoomed in on it. it shows that you were really paying attention to the details.

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