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2 Responses to “Observational Documentary”

  1.   Beatrice Pana Says:

    Very good video overall, I think at the beginning though you should have put the latin translation of it and then at then end of the film have put the english translation. I believe doing so would have kept the audience interested longer because they would want to know what it means if they missed it on the arch. I love the way you had all that landscape in the background, I think it added to the importance of this artwork because most people would want to preserve nature and beautiful landscapes.

  2.   Mathias Kranacher Says:

    Thanks for noticing. To be honest, I was getting kind of scared because I had to wait so long to get that shot. The days before it, it rained so much and I didn’t want to film in that condition. I wanted it to be sunny and clear so everyone could see the beautiful landscape behind it.
    And I never thought of putting the Latin translation. Good advice :)

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