I was looking for information on the Persia Campbell Dome (what is it? is it a planetarium? has anyone been inside?), and came across a whole network of interesting QC history. Did you know that Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a speech here on May 13, 1965? Did you know that Paul Simon and Carol King graduated from here? Do you know that Remsen Hall was named after the man who discovered saccharine?

Here is an undated document by Jeff Gottleib (QC alum and President of the Central Queens Historical Association) called “Early Queens College Facts.”

Here is another document on sculpture in Queens that mentions some of our campus’s work and artists.

I Googled some of the names and was surprised not to find that many images of the work on our campus–although there is information about some of the artists, some of whom seemed to be well-known in their day. Gottlieb makes reference to “Rene Paul Champollan’s ‘Prometheus’ (1950) at Remsen Hall”; could that be “Chambellan,” who worked on the sculpture at Rockefeller Center?

Anyways, these documents might be interesting or helpful to gather clues about your works. I also wonder about the fact that so many of these works have very similar-looking plaques; there’s got to be someone on campus who knows about when they decided to install all this stuff (and who might also have more archival info).

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2 Responses to “Researching Sculpture”

  1.   Sinyee Cindy Leung Says:

    Since the art piece I have chosen does not have name or any description of it (that means I cannot ‘google’ it), I went to the Art Department today. People in there said there was no one exactly in charge of all the art pieces on campus, but they also told me that Suzanna Simor in the Art Library, who knows something about these art pieces. But she was not here today, so I have to meet her next Tuesday.

  2.   Kevin L. Ferguson Says:

    Good detective work Cindy! I wonder if she will have some good leads for you.

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