Sorry it’s late, I was having problems with Windows Movie Maker, it kept freezing.

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5 Responses to “Observational Documentary”

  1.   John Malach Says:

    I love this clock tower in so many ways. One of the reasons is because you can see the stairway from far away and since I have seen it I have wanted to climb them and just look out of the distance from the top and have the best view that is possible on Campus. A second reason why I love the tower, as of recent times is that at night it has a Purple Glow to it and I believe it is for the tragic event at Rutgers but even with its deeper meaning it makes it look beautiful.

  2.   Beatrice Pana Says:

    anybody know if the clock tower is actually the tallest structure on campus??

  3.   John Malach Says:

    it’s either the clock tower or that administrative building right near the main entrance, if i had to guess id say the admin building though

  4.   Russell Weinberg Says:

    the clock tower is definately cool, and i like that you did this. it seems like it was a difficult piece tho due to the fact that you were unable to go up in it. you could have been able to show different things that way. but it was pretty interesting and i like how you actually showed everything on the plaque.

  5.   regiesh Says:

    One thing I really had an issue with is your lack of detail. There were so many other angles you could have filmed. If I were you I would have went inside the library and filmed through the large void that is the inside of the clock tower. It would have shown an interesting view of the stairway leading up the tower as well. I feel like some of your angles didn’t aid in making the clock tower look appeasing to the viewer.

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