Thanks to John my video is finally up. If you only knew what I went through to get this online…x_x. I may have to go to strange lengths to upload all my videos but I suppose as long as they’re up on time…

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2 Responses to “9/11”

  1.   Russell Weinberg Says:

    i liked it, as i probably told you, i think you made good use of sound (the little that was in there) plus all the camera cuts and fade ins and outs made it look like a very officially done documentary. it was good

  2.   Jenny Lu Says:

    Yay!! You finally got your video up. I really like the way you did your introduction with the border you used to frame your text. I think it made your documentary look more professional. I also like how you did a lot of these fade in’s to the new scene you were going to show. I thought it made your entire film more cohesive. Good job! :)

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