Sherman’s writing “Projecting the Self” depicts to us the impression of how the shaping, or frame work, of a film is used time and time again to guide the knowledge of the viewer’s intake in any direction. Sherman believes that when filmmaking, every last possible detail that goes into a project has some, if not major significance to what the viewer gets out of the film. As she so puts it in her opening statements, “even the placing of the camera for a film consisting of a single “take” is a manipulation.” Sighting works of various directors throughout her writing and using numerous interviews conducted, Sherman uses that information to support her theory that a film is nothing more than a filmmaker blending themselves into their work with the intention of getting the viewing public to see their film their way.

Having read and discussed Harvey’s “Elements of the Academic Essay” is the clear to pick up on the usage of them throughout Sherman’s piece. Her first paragraph alone introduces us to her thesis; she is going to be discussing her theory about the filmmaking process and what it entitles. To do so, she needs to show her readers how she came up with this theory. She needs to clearly and coherently show her readers where she got her information and how the information backs up her theory, which she does. Harvey’s element of thesis has been used so far, followed by the elements of Structure, Evidence and Analysis. To back up her theory, Sherman then begins to break down the writing into sub-topics: Editing “Truths”, Sound Devices: The Filmmaker’s ‘Voice”, and Tools of Choice. Each sub-topic serves a purpose, bringing to life the “data – facts, examples, or details – that you refer to, quote, or summarize to support your thesis” as Harvey puts it.

Other uses of Harvey’s ‘Elements’ is the uses of title. The title “should both interest and inform” which I believe it does. “Projecting the Self” sounds sophisticated and it doesn’t sound like an everyday title of a writing piece so right away I was interested to found out is there any reason the writing is titled the way it is? Once I began reading, the tile was somewhat explain. But by somewhat explaining it, by given not a direct meaning to what it is, it still got the job done of informing me and kept me interested at the same time.

I found that Sherman’s writing was a perfect example of the usage of Harvey’s Elements.

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