As I read through Sherman’s Documenting Yourself, I noticed that she used many correct elements of the academic essay presented to us by. Many good examples of people and media were given in this essay, and it was clearly written. The essay not only started off with a quote from Jorge Preloran, which states “When you know the structure, then you can construct. The essay then follows the quote by stating that “Film is always a construction. Her essay follow this by breaking down documentaries and narration and  as how they are only edited together  pieces of information that can be nothing but objective.

Throughout the essay you don’t really feel a sensation of being lost. She uses clear examples from our culture, and our language.(Some of the other essays i read were confusing because you don’t know what someones talking about when they use a language that’s unfamiliar to you. But when you are given examples you’ve never heard of in a language you don’t understand, it just becomes confusing.) She uses examples of movies that we the reader can relate too. Such as a movie about how children play in one culture (whites). And how they are reacted to by two cultures (whites and blacks). We all know about the race riots and class struggles of the united states circa 1950, so by using an example like this she helps us understand with more ease where the documentarian is coming from. These important building blocks of an essay don’t work well, unless the reader can understand.

She also used alot of terms that were both informative to the reader, but weren’t confusing. Sometimes people use big words to spice up a paper or essay to make themselves look more intelligent than they really are. She uses language that is both descriptive and understandable to the reader while also helping them understand the media. This is important because i know personally if someone is using alot of terminology that I don’t understand I wouldn’t wanna read it.

Overall I think that this essay followed Harvey’s Academic Essay elements well. It was clear, concise, and helped the reader learn while engaging them.

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