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3 Responses to “Community Interview”

  1.   Carlene Faith Says:

    I loved that you started out with a panned out view of the arch and showed the piece really well. I think that instead of just showing the students showing the art first is a really good idea. I also like the way you started it, the intro slide looks like a Queens College Video which is really authentic looking. I also liked the choice of questions which were interesting and got a lot of information out of the subjects which is cool. Bringing in what it stood for with the whole school motto thing was also pretty good and got people thinking about not only the art but what it means to Queens College.

  2.   Zarraf Choudhury Says:

    Awesome intro. And you asked some really good questions that really made the interviewees think.

  3.   Stephanie Shiwram Says:

    How did you do that with the intro?!
    The archway should stay not only is it art but it tells what Queens College stands for. Plus your questions were really good and where you asked them (which was in front of the archway itself) made me believe that the interviewees knew what you were talking about and gave honest opinions.

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