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4 Responses to “Community Tube Interview”

  1.   John Malach Says:

    I really liked how the first woman was so honest about her response and even though she said that it should be replaced she went into detail on how it should be replaced instead of just leaving it empty without any thought. I also liked how you threw you opinion into the questions to show that you do care about what happens to your piece of art and possibly make people think another way than what they originally thought.

  2.   Zarraf Choudhury Says:

    Really well thought out answers, especially the first interviewee.

  3.   Beatrice Pana Says:

    I really liked the fact that you incorporated a short clip of your artwork in the beginning of your interview, I find that it helped your viewer focus and get a better understanding of what the interview will be about.

  4.   Stephanie Shiwram Says:

    I love arts but most of these pieces of art have no meaning whats so ever. I mean i don’t know who did it what it’s about. I see how some would see it in a positive light for example its art work and a great conversation starter but in my eyes it just looks like scrap metal put together and i have no idea why its there or who did it.

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