Today in class, we started off with the FYI representative coming in to tell us about CUNY first, when to use pass/no credit for a class, and certain events during our free period. After he left, we began talking about Dzigo Vertov. We went over the readings- Vertov’s Manifesto. Professor Ferguson asked us to identify (3) important claims Vertov states (posted on the blogs). We then thought about how this Manifesto would look like as a college paper. We picked the best sentence from the Manifesto, which turned out to be “”Cinematography” must die so that art of cinema may live.” We talked about that sentence- what it means, if its the main idea, etc. We took this sentence then rewrote it to look like a more academic way. Afterwards, we used the new sentence and added evidence and analysis to it, making it look more like a paragraph in a college paper.

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