Initially, before I began reading Dziga Vertov I expected for it to not be very interesting. After reading on and on I actually found his stuff very interesting because he has all these new strong views on everything we’ve talked about previously. To me, he came across as a very refreshing writer and was a welcome change to what I’ve read earlier and how I’ve felt about the previous readings.

Just by reading the first page, you see his unique format and style of writing. In “WE: Variant of a Manifesto”, he uses “WE” repeatedly but it doesn’t come across as annoying or boring. His take on cinema and cinematography would have to be the main difference that I noticed in his work. He feels that cinematography  takes away from the original beauty of films and he is so against it that he even says it must die. He writes in a very forceful way yet he gives you the chance to interpret and analyze what he’s saying and its never as if he’s saying his views are the only correct ones and thats it.

His work is filled with interesting metaphors and endless quotes that are all really creative and deep. We see his dedication to film and how strongly he feels about what he’s arguing here. His writing was also very accessible and enjoyable from start to finish despite him using so many metaphors and words we’ve probably never heard of like “kinoks” or “kinochestvo”. Reading this helped me see a whole new view of cinematography that has honestly never crossed my mind.

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4 Responses to “Reaction to Vertov”

  1.   IJ Says:

    I agree with you that we can see his dedication to film, but I also felt a hint of desperation. He seemed to be really angry with films that didn’t follow his rules. I don’t know if I totally agree with the fact that filmmakers should abide by a set of rules.

  2.   Sinyee Cindy Leung Says:

    I agree with you that he writes in a forceful way and I think that’s the tone one should have if he/she needs to write a manifesto.

  3.   Jenny Lu Says:

    Maya I agree with you that by using the term “we” in Vertov’s writing he created something that made his work the opposite of boring or annoying to read. Vertov does write in a forceful and empowering way, but that’s what makes his writing interesting as well as worth reading because it makes us think.

  4.   Mathias Kranacher Says:

    Its cool to see that eveyone got different opinions on Vertov’s use of the word WE. Looking around at everyone response, it seems that people either likes it or hated it. Im with you Maya, I liked it. It made the reading more interesting that he was referring back to us all the time.

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