When I started reading Vertov’s article, I found this article to be better than most of the articles. Vertov’s style was definitely different but the most refreshing. Vertov believed in Kino-Pravda or “film truth”. Here he states what believes should be shown in film through rules and guidelines because he strongly disliked cinematography. Vertov’s strong dislike of cinematography comes from his belief that it ruins cinematic art.

Vertov’s “Cinematography must die so that the art of cinema may live” is trying to explain that the fancy gimics in films ruins the actual quality of films. It distorts the truth and leads the viewers to be dissatisfied. I don’t believe that cinematography should “die” but more like “be used less frequently”. Films should be able to have edits, but not edits that could drastically change the imagery of the film. If it didn’t have at least a few edits the film might not be as visually attractive to the audience. Basically less is more.

I ┬álike how he states that camera eye is more perfect than the human eye, because the camera catches whatever the human eye cannot see. The camera eye can be modified in order to get the “perfect” picture, while the human eye cannot. I find truth in this statement because there are many things the human eye misses in everyday life. The camera is the most recent and effective tool that can capture everything.

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