Here is a post about changing the syllabus, so you’re not confused.

We’re going to push the due date for the Kino-Pravdas back, so that you don’t have to just use shots of turkey and cranberry sauce. Have those posted on the blog by midnight of Nov. 30 (Tuesday).

Also, underneath the YouTube link for your Kino-Pravda, paste the Vertovian script (this can either be your “shooting script” or a description of the shots in your final version).

Instead of discussing Kino-Pravdas on the 29th, we will continue to work on the portfolios. To that class, bring a hard copy of the Persuasive Letter (except Ikey and Brad–who should bring their annotated bibliography).


11/29: Peer Workshop — bring your Persuasive Letter to this class

Discuss Kino-Pravdas (due by midnight 11/30)

Work on Program Notes in today’s class.

12/6: Post response comment to 3 of the Kino-Pravda’s by today’s class.

Peer Workshop on portfolio pieces [edit: bring 2 revised pieces today]


Read Wild, “Writing Images”

Due: Program Notes (put under your Kino-Pravda post)


Last day of class. Respond to 2 Program Notes by class

Due: Cover Letter

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One Response to “Change to Syllabus”

  1.   Kevin Prunty Says:

    1) Does the video have a motive behind it?
    2) Does the video have enough information in your video to back up your motive?
    3) Will the viewer be able to understand the point of the video? Is it clear?
    4) Does the video have some type of organization to it?

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