Hello everyone,

I realize this post is long overdue and I apologize for that. In class on 10/6 we had the library visit from the archive department. I believe this class left everyone with a few questions in regards to our artwork and future archive visits. At least, that was my case. By the end of class I was lost as to what exactly I will be searching for during my visit to the archives and how exactly I go about finding what I need? Well the chair of the Archives department( at least I thin he was the chair) came in along with Annie, an assistant in the department and showed us several items, some of which belonged to Louis Armstrong. They both explained to us a little more about the archives and what it has to offer us and then passed around a sheet so we can make our appointments. By the end of class, Prof. Ferguson asked us to post one thing we learned about the archives department’s visit, one question we still have, and one thing we need to do to prepare for our visit to the archives. I believe many students from class were surprised to find out what kind of things the archive preserves and how useful it could be in our future research.

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