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3 Responses to “Kino-Pravda Film Essay”

  1.   mattk Says:

    1. Fade in to “The Cripple Creek Monument” in white text in front of a picture of the monument its self.

    2. Text slides upwards and fades into next still image with new text saying ” By: Thomas Doyle”‘

    3. Transitions into next scene by going fully white then to a picture of kissena blvd and text saying ” Filmed by; Matt Kruczowy”, Music picks up

    4. Fades into next picture of kiley hall

    5. Fades into last picture of the fountain

    6. transitions last time into the queens college logo.

    7. Narration accompanied by picture of Monument

    8. Fades into observation documentary clips still accompanied by narration

    9. Fades back into still image of monument with finishing line of narration

    10. Picture of the clock and transition into the communities view on the art.

    11. Fades into interview with QC student

    12. Fades into Interview with another QC student

    13. Interview with last QC student.

    14. Fades back into still image of the monument with the final narration of the film

    15. Returns back to the still images shown in the beginning of the film.

    16. Film finishes with slow motion clip of the monument

    17. Still image of the monument

    18. Scrolling credits

    19. Fade to black.

  2.   Brad Bujan Says:

    i liked the opening scene, it showed where the college was located. Also as you narrated i felt you had a strong conviction towards your cause. Also your piece looks incredible and I wish there was more information on it but i’ve heard how difficult it was to get any information on some pieces so great job on drawing a new aspect to your video.

  3.   Kevin Prunty Says:

    When I watched this video it felt like I was watching a real documentary on T.V. I really liked all of the shots in the beginning of the college and where it was located and i think you did a really good job with incorporating your community interviews into the video. I really enjoyed this video.

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