1. Short shot: Title shot – Kino Pravda Chaney-Goodman-Schwerner Clock Tower (in white letters) on blue background.
  2. Short shot: Queens College -1937 (white letters on blue background)
  3. Short shot: Picture of Queens College in 1937
  4. Short shot: Queens College – Present Day (white letters on blue background)
  5. Long shot: Picture of Present Day Rosenthal Library
  6. Long shot: description of the location of the clock tower and its dedication plaque (in white letters on blue background) (2 shots long)
  7. Long shot: dedication plaque (with sound)
  8. Close-up shot: dedication plaque (moving from right to left as if it was being read) (with sound)
  9. Close-up shot: bottom of the clock tower structure  from front (with sound)
  10. Long shot: vertical panning of the structure from front (with sound)
  11. Short shot: vertical tilting of the clock tower from front (with sound)
  12. Short shot: Vertical panning of the structure from the side (with sound)
  13. Short shot: Zoomed in view of bottom of tower (with sound)
  14. Short shot: Zoomed out view of whole tower (with sound)
  15. Repeat of previous shot (with sound)
  16. Long shot: This artwork should be preserved because of its historical importance. (white letters on blue background)
  17. Fades out into keyhole
  18. Long shot: Dedication and background info (white letters on blue background)
  19. Page turn effect
  20. Long shot: Background info (white letters on blue background)
  21. Profile shot: Image of Michael Schwerner (white text)
  22. Profile shot: Image of Andrew Goodman (white text)
  23. Profile shot: Image of James Earl Chaney (white text)
  24. Long shot: Quote from Ben Chaney article (white text on blue background) (about 3 or 4 shots)
  25. Long shot: Also Dr. Martin Luther gave a speech here at QC about the progression of civil rights on May 18th, 1965. (white letters on blue background)
  26. Profile shot: Image of Dr. Martin Luther King
  27. Long shot: A statement by Ben Chaney (white letters on blue background) (3 shots)
  28. Long shot: What faculty and students have to say about the artwork (white letters on blue background)
  29. Video of Nadia
  30. Video of Prof. Farrel
  31. Long shot: the end! (white letters on blue background)

Long shot: Credits (white letters on blue background)

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One Response to “Kino Pravda”

  1.   Mathias Kranacher Says:

    Your beginning was interesting. I like how you introduced Queens College when it was first established. I think it would have been cool if you tried to get the same shot in present day, that way it looks like a before-and-after picture. And I liked the little montage of clip you had around 1:30 of the clock tower.

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