Vertovian script:

Overlapping text, “Kino-Pravda” Film Essay.

Image of black and white photograph of a house.

Voice over, “A house.”

Underneath moving shot of photograph with background music.

Left, Medium close-up on photograph.

Right, Medium close-up shot, going down, white text over shot, voiceover of the text.

Image of house, going down-right, voiceover “Meaning behind house.”

Black screen, white text, “Ask opinion of students…”

Shots of student being interviewed.

Black screen, white text, “…another student…?”

Shots of another student being interviewed.

Black screen, white text, “How about professor?”

Shots of professor being interviewed.

Black screen, white text, “…take on artowork in Powdermaker?”

Rest of the shots of interview with professor.

Black screen, different texts, with voiceover of the text, “As professor said…larger meaning behind…house.”

Upbeat piano playing in background, shots of photograph, close-up, medium close-up, backing up, white text over shots of photograph.

More shots of interview with professor.

Left-angle shots of photograph of house, white text over shots.

Right angle shots of photograph, white text.

End credits. End upbeat piano in background.

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2 Responses to “Kino-Pravda Film Essay”

  1.   IJ Says:

    Despite the fact that you didn’t find any background information on the artwork, I think you made a great film. I liked that you added your own interpretation of the artwork.

  2.   Jenny Lu Says:

    I agree with what Ikey said. And the beginning of your film kind of frightened me a bit due to the unexpected two seconds of terror music, haha. But I think the way you went about it and ending the film with your observational documentary was a good choice followed by simply moving your camera away from the art work as if this photograph will forever remain a mystery.

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