Everytime i try to cut or lengthen a scene audio whatever the movie maker ends up freezing on me and says ‘not responding’ then i have to exit the page losing half my work and restarting again. After i ‘end program’ i always click “send error report” thinking the problem would be solved but it happens again and again and AGAIN. i am getting so frustrated! Can anyone help me please?!

ps this happened before with the community interviews

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One Response to “Windows Movie Maker is giving me SERIOUS problems”

  1.   Jenny Lu Says:

    Stephanie you’re not alone this happens to me too. :(
    Sometimes like if I cut or drag a specific clip it would start to freeze the entire program so its like now when I work with Windows Movie Maker I try to save everything I’ve done the chance I get. It would freeze like 100 times and I would have to restart 10 times. So now if I added a clip I would click save immediately if anything happens. It is frustrating! But yeah, you’re not alone….

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