Note that there is a change to the assignment: you should write Program Notes about a peer’s video, not your own.

In the comments section below, post 3-4 sentences that describe some “features” that Program Notes share.

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24 Responses to “Sample Program Notes”

  1.   John Malach Says:

    Certain features of programs notes should be how long we have been working on our pieces of art because that will show that we have been invested in one piece of art for a long time. Another thing that should be identified in the notes would be if you use the vending machine gimmick is to describe how that came about and say that it is a false story that was used in an assignment. Third, you should talk about the style the video is done in and how the director chose to show certain information. Fourth, how did the film overall feel, was is something that was it together well and with thought or thrown together last minute to reach a deadline.

  2.   Carlene Faith Says:

    When you sit down to write this essay there are some things that you might want to keep in mind. This is a more free assignment and taking advantage of that would be good. I think the opening should give the directors name, the works name and a summary of what happens including a bit about the style and structure. Then I think that giving contextual information might be good including: a little about Queens College, a little about Dziga Vertov and Kino Pravda, a little about the artist of the work, a little about their other work, and then the history behind the piece. After that I think it would be good to tie in a little about the director and their past work and its connection or lack of connection to thing piece. After all is explained I think there should be a bit about your opinion like while this, this or this is good, something else was lacking. I think providing a little bit of your own opinion is good.

  3.   Zarraf Choudhury Says:

    1-The background of the film itself, such as what it’s about and what it’s for (reason why the film was made in the first place- which ties back with community interviews, observational documentary, etc ).

    2- Thoughts on who/what the film is based on (what is Kino-Pravda, who is Vertov? Background info on artwork?).

    3- How the film was made, and what was used to make the film. These may include the artwork themselves, the props used, and even the types of special effects used throughout the film.

  4.   Adrian Lesaru Says:

    Some features of program notes are:
    good background information
    information about how the film was made and what then process when threw
    information on the people who worked on it
    A short summery of the film itself
    short analysis of the film

  5.   Matthew Kruczowy Says:

    -When writing your program notes:

    Discuss what the person is seeing on the screen. Or what it is they will be seeing. Explain what it is, where it is on campus and who its made by

    Start to explain the history of the creation. The artist and their prior works. THeir influences. Explain the artists roll at queens college

    Next get into what the piece of work is made out of. extreme detail of the work in text. Make the person reading it want to see it on screen

    Lastly explain the narrators point of view. Why it the piece of work should be saved.

    Close it up with a catchy exit that makes people want to see it.

  6.   Kevin Prunty Says:

    1) Talk about the thoughts you had for this video before you made it (planning)
    2) Discuss the filming of the video
    3) Give a background of the people you have interviewed. (if you know their background)
    4) Talk about any research you did on the artwork.(where you went, who you spoke with)

  7.   IJ Says:

    It should give a summary and background about the topic of the film.
    It should state the motive of the film.
    It should give some background of the director’s previous work.
    It should provide an analysis of the film.
    It should explain the filmmaking process

  8.   Sinyee Cindy Leung Says:

    I think there should be introduction of the film (how it is made? color or black-and-white? How long does it last? ).
    In the body paragraphs, the ratio of writing something good and bad about the film should be 7:3, 8:2 or 9:1. The program should contain the background of the character (the art piece), artist, and where the art piece is located (Queens College). It should also suggest why the way or style of how the filmmaker makes the video is the best (what happened if the filmmaker does the video in different way?).

  9.   Beatrice Pana Says:

    1) You have to identify the setting and the plot but not focus on it too much.
    2) Talk about how it was made ex:long shots, short takes, close-ups, etc. and how it aids in the work as a whole
    3) Relate this work back to the director’s previous work (such as observational documentary, community interview, etc) and talk about the differences and how they helped or hurt the work as a whole.
    4) Do mention flaws, but subtly, and try to turn the flaw into something positive.
    5) Make sure your claims are clear, easily understood, and contain supporting evidence from the video.
    6) Maybe talk about how they reflected on the elements and styles of Dziga Vertov?

  10.   Jenny Lu Says:

    Program Notes may include:
    – The person’s feelings towards the art work.
    – State what Kino- Pravda is for those who aren’t familiar.
    – Background information about the assignment, such as that it’s hypothetical and QC is not actually going to removal the work of art.
    – Provide orienting: gave history and background information it should contextualize the work.
    – However there also shouldn’t be too much orienting or summary that it gives away too much about the film.
    – Brief summary about the film.
    – State positives and negatives about the film
    – Bring up old pieces of film the person produced in the past

  11.   Mathias Kranacher Says:

    Features of the Program Notes should be:
    -A shot synapses of the film. Something that mimics the style of IMBD when the review there films. It should be just enough to inform the reading about the film, but not too much to give it away.
    -Talk about the director; something that’s going to be challenging for this but nevertheless you can talk about their previous work in this class (Observational Documentary etc.)
    -What went in to the making of this film? Movies like Avatar have been publicized for it filmmaking. What did the director do to create this film?
    -You should have info about there style of direction. Some directions have a noticeable style to their films (i.e. Quentin Tarantino uses a lot of gore to his films, Martin Scorsese uses the song Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones in most of his films.)

  12.   Stephanie Shiwram Says:

    The program notes give so much information without ruining the film’s ending. the notes shouldn’t give a review of whether we should watch the movie or not but the writing should be intriguing enough that would make the reader actually want to see it. It should be made of a summary of the film. Give the thesis of the film and research background informaton on the director and his other works.

  13.   Russell Weinberg Says:

    1. analysis of the main idea
    2. analysis of the information at hand that is given by the film
    3. analysis of other artworks the individual did
    4. the persons style compared and in relation to their other works
    5. examples of the directors other work

  14.   Russell Weinberg Says:

    1) the mysterious life of john the carreer befor the movies
    2)his first film at independent film festival
    3) time for a carreer change
    4)his love for the queens college spheres, public art grant
    5)the spherical interviews
    6)the new film the first collaboration
    7)the new film cinematography/special guests
    8)the new film music
    9)the new film humor and content
    10)the lonely man

  15.   John Malach Says:

    Introduce Russell’s film by director. stars in the film, who filmed it year it was made ect.
    personal feelings of the film (why it is good and in what ways)
    setting (when, where it was filmed and why there)
    talk about why the film exists and some key points of the film
    what was the film made on and how was it edited
    talk about the film makers other works (observational and peer interview)

  16.   Mathias Kranacher Says:

    -main purpose of the film (title, director (there’s no cast) and plot)
    -go into a little more detail about the plot; what’s going on in the film, what’s being discussed etc.
    -other work done by director and how it’s similar/different
    – what made this film different from other films in its genre (other Kino Pravdas)
    -how I say the film (did I like-dislike it)
    – audience reaction to the film (can use comments from the Kino Pravda)

  17.   Carlene Faith Says:

    My outline for creating my program notes is this, paragraph:
    1. Introduction to the filming. Where it is taking place, what it’s called, who’s staring in the film (the piece of art) and who directed it. Just a snippet of information
    2. A synopsis of what happens in the film. Kind of like a shot by shot but not as in depth and so that it doesn’t give away too much information
    3. A little bit of information about Queens College, where it is located and where the art is on campus
    4. A little bit of information about Dziga Vertov and what makes this film a Kino-Pravda film
    5. A summary of the director, outline of other works and such
    6. History behind the piece of artwork that the video is about
    7. Conclusion, sum it all up and add opinion in the most positive way. Bring out the positives and mention the negatives slightly.

  18.   Jenny Lu Says:

    Provide a brief summary about the director
    A list of the persons previous works and how those films represent who they are and impact their style.
    The directors initial feelings towards their art work and their motive or purpose behind it.
    Give a general summary about the assignment, define Kino-Prava.
    Give summary about their video.
    State the highs and lows about their video.

  19.   IJ Says:

    1. Introduction paragraph (technical information about the film)
    2. Summary of what the movie is about
    3. Analysis of summary (more than one paragraph)
    4. Summary of director’s career (observational documentary, community interview)

  20.   Zarraf Choudhury Says:

    Quick summary of the film essay, including the basic “plot”, who it was made by, the piece the film was based on.
    Background information on director.
    Other works by that director
    Background information on art piece.
    Why he/she chose that artwork.
    general review of film essay.

  21.   Brad Bujan Says:

    1. Introduction to the setting, the main thesis and the end goal.
    2. Introduce each piece of information with a clear analysis and supporting details.
    3. Show different views and aspect of the film.
    4. Make a clear understanding of what the film is about

  22.   Sinyee Cindy Leung Says:

    -The summary of the video: who did the video? What is it about? How long is it?
    -The feelings and comments I have for the video.
    -The history of the subject which is the art piece and the history of the artist.
    -The general information of the art piece I have found in my research.
    -The analysis of the video’s content: the cinematography, etc.
    -The analysis of the video’s content: how and what the content would make us feel and think.

  23.   maya1 Says:

    -brief insight of directors thoughts before filming
    -summary/brief walk through of video
    -brief summary of filming process
    -community interviews summary

  24.   Beatrice Pana Says:

    1) Identify the film, the director,etc.
    2) Identify the argument of the film
    3) Identify the supporting evidence.
    4) Start talking about the plot and how it pertains to the argument.

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