Which Kino-Pravda is most “Vertovian” and why?

What is your favorite part of your video?

What is one thing you would change about how you made your video?

What is one thing you would have done differently in your earlier videos (Observational Documentary and Community Interview)?

What is one thing you discovered in making your video that would help with revising your portfolio?

Look at our “Assessing Kino-Pravdas” post. Which of the four criteria did you do best on? Which worst?

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12 Responses to “Kino-Pravda freewrite”

  1.   regiesh Says:

    1. Out of the kino pravda videos I viewed, Maya’s video stood out as the most Vertovian. This opinion may not be fair because I have not seen everyone’s video. Maya’s video is mostly comprised of the art itself. It exists in its natural state, shown from different angles but unchanged.

    2. My video will show people interacting naturally with the garden. I feel like this expresses film truth

    3. I couldn’t pick just one.

    4. My observation documentary is technically on the plaza and not the garden. If I were just to focus on the garden I would make sure it is something along the lines of what Maya did in her Kino Pravda. Special attention should be spent on the art/architecture itself. It should speak for itself. I wouldn’t interrupt my interviewee in the interview. I anticipated what he had to say because we had done the interview several times. It shouldn’t have been the final cut.

    5. It’s not kino pravda that would help me revise my portfolio but more Harvey. If I had to choose one thing about the film truth that could help me with my portfolio it would be to focus more on the aesthetics of the garden itself. This isn’t an easy feat.

  2.   John Malach Says:

    My favorite part of my video is toward the end leading to the end credits because when i inserted the observational documentary I put over it I put in a string only version of Elenore Rigby which sounds beautiful and is pleasing to the ears, then after that I made sure to put in some comedy with the sad hulk walking away music. If i could change how I made my video it would be make the thesis of it stand out more, I fell as if i made it more about specific facts of the spheres and not enough about a solid thesis. I believe that the worst criteria in my video is containing a clear thesis because as I said before I think my video was more factual based than showing an argument. I believe that the best thing I did was have a sense of order because I started off with general knowledge of the spheres and went into more detailed information as it went on, which gives the viewer a clear flowing view of the movie. One thing I would have done differently in my Observation Documentary is make sure that I got the overview of the Spheres in a way in which i kept the camera as still as I could hold it so that You get to see the spheres in detail so you ca absorb them better. Making the video would help with my portfolio by making something longer at first but them cutting out the un needed parts to make it more dense and right to the point.

  3.   Carlene Faith Says:

    The most “Vertovian” Kino-Pravda film in my opinion was Brad Bujan’s film. Although I have not watched many of them, which is a flaw, I think his video did a good job of presenting a clear apparent reason why the art piece was important to the campus which was arguable, he analyzed his evidence very well, it flowed nicely and had a logical order. I just wish the intro was a little less edited, only really un-vertovian thing in my opinion. My favorite part of my video was the fact that I had a quote from the artist that truly backed up my thesis. I liked that my reason for keeping it was arguable, but the artist agreed with me. The one thing that I would change about how I made my film would be the day I picked to film. I had filmed the day before and had trouble uploading it and had to reshoot the whole thing and the weather conditions really screwed up my video. The wind and siren noises ended up being really distracting. One thing that I would have done differently in my earlier video, the Observational Documentary, would be to not shoot so shaky, I switched the view point from the camera and it was upside down, and when I tried to put the footage into my Kino Pravda it was just too shaky to add most of it. One thing I discovered while making my video that will help me with revising my portfolio is that I have a lot more evidence and passion for this piece of art than I had thought. When I edit my earlier work like the persuasive epistolary essay I will have a lot more to work with. I also learned the true importance of my art, which is to really bring all the students together whether they see it or not.

  4.   Brad Bujan Says:

    The most Vertovian film, I personally felt was Russels. It was direct and to the point, the theme/message was clearly established and followed an ends to the mean. I felt as if it was he added his own interpretation while keeping with the traditional Vertovian ideas. The favorite part of my video was the intro, before the actual title screen that introduced the film. It shows all the clips from the video in brief glimpses. I tried to model this after Vertov’s film but I’m not entirely sure it came across in the same way. Now that I look back on past videos I would of definitely planned out the shots more. It seems like everything I did prior to actually understanding shots seems to be poorly done and with the perspective which anyone could of achieved. One thing I discovered in making my video is structure and being clear and concise to the point but also having a little bit of fluff. Though we’ve discussed fluff and it not being necessary, its useful in order to grab the attention of the audience. While revising my portfolio I will keep in mind that I should be more clear and concise with my work while adding minimal fluff to keep the work entertaining. In my video I felt like I did a good job of informing people about the artwork and its origins. By giving a clear understanding of where it came from and the mind of the artist who created it the artwork became easier to analyze. What I seemed to miss was the key concept of stating the thesis. I felt like my message wasn’t presented strong enough and I could of done a better job to define it throughout the video.

  5.   Russell Weinberg Says:

    1)the Kino Pravda i found to be the most vertovian out of the three that i watched so far was carlenes, because she used alot of still shots, and didn’t move the camera all tht much, she just took the shots she had and rolled with it.
    2)my favorite part of my video was a tie between the scene where i throw the drink away and the blooper reel.
    3)the one thing i would change about my video would be time. i had all the shots in the afternoon and i would have really like to do some evening shots but i was lazy.
    4)i thought my community interview film was ok, but the thing i would have changed about my observational documentary was how much the camera moved around. although it was a creative idea to have the camera act like an animal, it wasn’t really what “traditional” observational film was supposed to be.
    5) the one thing i learned from making my movie that would help me do my portfolio is that , even though im good at doing things last minute, and am disciplined enough to just relax most of the time, i think i need to be a little more on top of things to just stress myself out less.
    6) i think the area that i succeeded most in in doing my kino film was that i made a clear, intellectual and stimuating film, without losing the audience, on unclear things and overdone video effects.

  6.   IJ Says:

    I’m not sure who’s Kino-Pravda was the most Vertovian but the one I liked the most is probably Cindy’s.
    My favorite part of my video the whole library scene.
    The one thing I would change about my video is the artwork. I think my video would have been so much better if I had an artwork with more information. I really struggled to make some sort of argument because of the lack of information.
    In my Observational Documentary I would have filmed more close ups of the artwork. I’m pretty happy with my Community Interview.

  7.   maya1 Says:

    In my video I liked my transition from the community interviews to the plaque and then the white out at the end because it made the connection of the importance of the campus community without having to explain it. You can feel the connection just my watching it. I think I would’ve use some music in the background just to liven it up a little bit and make the words bigger in my quotes because I didn’t realize how hard it was to see them until after I finished. From my interviews, I think I would’ve actually asked the questions during filming instead of having them just talk because honestly for some reason I didn’t even think about it. I think it would’ve made it clearer and I might have gotten different answers if I did. I noticed I have to tweak some things like text size for example because the video loses its flow if you have to stop watching and read the quotes underneath it just because the text is too small to read.

  8.   Zarraf Choudhury Says:

    I think Jenny’s Kino Pravda is the most “Vertovian” because of her use of different images (the opening with the QC campus, flowers, art piece, etc).

    The favorite part of my video was how I mixed the interviews with background music, as well has the description of the artwork. Basically, I really liked my editing.

    The one thing I would change is to incorporate myself more into the video- I only used my voice. I should have also definitely tried harder with my research- the research I did do wasn’t substantial enough.

    One thing I would’ve done differently in my earlier videos is to give more information regarding my art piece.

    One important thing I discovered was how editing is a very difficult task, much like revising my written works.

  9.   Sinyee Cindy Leung Says:

    I love the part when a professor is talking about the art piece because what she is saying is exactly what I want and it is very persuasive.
    I think I would add a narration and conclude how those people’s feeling and the research I have done.
    I have added some visual effect in the scenes of the waterdrop (observational documentry)and I think I would have added more visual effects in key scenes in order to make people notice some of the important thing of my video.
    I discovered, maybe, something like how to combine all the assignments I have done in this semester into one piece and between each of these assignments, I would show a connection.
    I think I did best on #3 and #4 and worst on #2.

  10.   Mathias Kranacher Says:

    1. I haven’t seen all of the Kino Pravda’s but out of the one’s I have seen I though the most Vertorian was Beatrice’s because she made a little montage of images and clips during the beginning of video and that reminded me of the quick shots that Vertov had in his film
    2. The favorite part of my video would have to be the ending. The picture I got for it lends itself to the text that appeared before it and I thought it went well together
    3. The one thing I would change about mine is to make my clips and text a lot shorter. My clips were about 10 seconds long and I saw that a lot of others were shorter.
    4. One thing I would have done to my Community Interview is get more people to comment on the art work. I only had three. The more the better.
    5. To get to the point a lot faster.

  11.   Jenny Lu Says:

    I’m not sure who’s Kino-Pravda is most Vertovian, however I felt that Maya did a good job though her collage of pictures.
    I think my favorite part of my video would have to be my introduction in showing my sculptures. I decided to reshoot that footage for my Kino-Pravda starting with the bush and the leaves. The colors of the leaves also sparked interest in me because the colors of the leaves were really pretty. I also thought that this shot would be a good accompaniment with my previous videos because when I had filled them earlier this semester there was still grass, leaves held their natural colors and everything seemed lively. I wanted to show how the sculpture lives through the seasons.
    One thing I would change about my video is that I would have tried to incorporate more pictures. And through then give a better visual understanding of the QC campus. I feel like I did a poor job compared to other students in my class. I wish I could have also experimented a little with WMM, however I simply left most shots as is and edited some parts out so I could include subtitles. Watching some of my classmates video I noticed that the voice over effect was also a good way of conveying information aside from having the audience reading the writing you wrote for each screen.

  12.   Beatrice Pana Says:

    -I believe John’s film was most “Vertovian” because he has a part where he literally just films people interacting with his artwork and kind of watches them through the camera lens. This is partially what Dziga Vertov identifies as “film truth”.
    -My favorite part of my video is when I talk about the history behind the clock tower. It allows people to understand the importance of keeping such a piece of art on campus.
    -One thing I would change about how I made my video would be instead of having a past and present view from different angles, to have them from the same angle. Also, I tried this but was not successful, I could not get footage of the clock tower from inside the library, so if I were to work on it some more or maybe someone could help me n finding a place in the library where such footage is possible?
    -In my community interviews, I would have asked more questions pertaining to the history of the artwork rather than just general questions about it. In my observational documentary, I would move around the clock tower and get at least one shot from every angle, also I would consistently ask myself how do I want to portray this clock tower and what filming techniques would help me to do so?
    -One thing I discovered in making my video that would help with revising my portfolio is that I need to focus more on the history behind my artwork rather than its beauty and present day use. I mean sure its present day use is important, but I think the better argument would entail its history.
    – I think I did best on the structure part of the film, because I tried to make it follow a logical pattern and give the audience time to think about what I am saying. I am not so sure on the analyzation part, though. I believe I showed evidence but I’m not sure how well I analyzed that evidence, or how convincing the analyzation was.

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