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In the article “Projecting the Self: Filmic Technique and Construction”, Sharon Sherman used many elements found in Gordon Harvey’s “Elements of an Academic Essay”. One of the elements used was Title. Harvey states that the purpose of a title is to interest and inform and Sherman’s title does both. The title lets the reader know that the article is about expressing personal views and the subtitle title explains that the article is about filmmaking. Sherman also uses the title to make the article seem interesting. One technique Sherman used that Harvey mentioned was splitting it into a title and subtitle.

Another element that Sherman uses is Thesis. Sherman uses a thesis statement to sum up what the main point of the article is. Sherman’s thesis is that no film can truly be objective since each film represents the view of the director. Sherman even makes the point that even documentaries aren’t truly objective because even though they’re based on fact, the director still decides how to shoot and portray things in his or her film. Sherman states her thesis at the beginning so she can use the rest of the article to support her it

Sherman also uses the element of Sources. Sherman’s sources are quotes from different directors that each give their own unique perspective on certain aspects of her thesis. She uses her sources to support her thesis. All of her sources are related to the topic of the article. Also, all of her sources are properly cited. These are the elements from Harvey’s article that can be found in Sherman’s article.

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1.            A tracking shot to Russell

2.           Russell introducing himself.

3.           A shot of a Clerks poster

4.           A shot of a Die Hard poster which explodes.

5.           A shot of Russell listening to Metallica

6.           Flashback to Russell’s friend playing Enter Sandman on guitar.

7.           A shot of Russell listening to Pink Floyd.

8.           Shot of Shea stadium

9.           Young Russell in Shea Stadium

10.         Shot of scoreboard.

11.          Shot of Mike Piazza hitting a home run,

12.         Long shot of crowd cheering.

13.         Close up of Russell cheering with his family.

14.         Russell saying goodbye and walking off.

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Russell Weinberg: Hi, I’m Russell Weinberg, I am from Forest Hills, New York, and this is my interview.

Aaron Dreyfuss: What’s you favorite movie of all time?

Russell: Well, I’d have to say it’s a tie between tow pair- two sets of movies actually. One would be Clerks one and Clerks two, just because I find them to have a very entertaining storyline. And- just the characters- are a lot of fun. There is no plot but some movie s don’t have to have a plot. The other great movie that I would recommend to everyone would be the Die Hard trilogy which is my other favorite set of movies because it’s just filled with explosions.

Aaron: And what’s your favorite band?

Russell: I’d have to say my favorite band is Metallica. Because- I mean, I don’t know. I’ve always grown up listening to their music and my friend used to play Enter Sandman on his guitar all the time and it really, like, started to grow on me, and that’s what made me like them a lot. Shortly followed by Pink Floyd.

Aaron: And what is your favorite memory with your family?

Russell: My favorite memory with my family would have to be when I went with my dad and my grandfather to a Mets game at Shea Stadium- which is no longer there- and the Mets were losing eight to one in the bottom of the eighth. They rallied to score eight runs topped off  by a Mike Piazza two run homerun  in the ninth to seal the deal and win the game for them. and considering my parents have gotten divorced shortly after that I think it’s my fondest memory considering it was one of the only times I was together with- people in my family.

Aaron: All right, thank you very much.

When I fist heard of the assignment I thought it was an interesting was to get acquainted with a classmate. When I was paired with Russell he seemed like a cool guy. Before the interview we discussed what some interesting questions would be and where would be a good place to film them. After we got settled we started filming.

First I interviewed him. It didn’t take long because we both more or less knew what we wanted to say. While interviewing him, I had no idea what his answers were going to be so it was a cool surprise to hear that his favorite movie was Clerks. Overall, his interview went by pretty quick and easy.

My interview however seemed a lot different. Even though I had a basic idea of what my answers were going to be I didn’t say seem to articulate my points as well as I should have. For example, in the interview I didn’t come close to explaining the sheer greatness of Waking Life. Overall however, it was an interesting was and interesting was to get to know Russell better.

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