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This is a transcript of my interview with Nash.

Brad: Hey so ah, whats your name?

Nash: My name is, my full name is avanash ravnihall but I prefer for everyone to call me nash.

B: And where are you from?

N: I’m from Guyana.

B: What part of Guyana are you from?

N: I’m from Georgetown, Guyana.

B: Did you recently move here or…

N: Like a year and a half ago.

B: How are you enjoying the states?

N: Its nice

B: Undertone: Its nice

N: My climatization was a bit rough at first but everything is…

B: Undertone:Ok

N: …Pretty cool now

B: Ahh what highschool did you attend?

N: I attended Queens College High School.

B: Ohh okay hah.

N: Its kind of funny but its a high school actually though.

B: And you know where that is?

N: Where?

B: Yeah where?

N: Oh in Guyana, in Georgetown

B: Oh it is? Oh wow, thats pretty cool.

B: So what do you like about ahh… new york so far?

N: I like everything, I like the cultural diversity because I like meeting new people I love the places.i like everything about it.

B: Have you been to like the world trade center, ground zero, everything? Site seeing and everything?

N: Most places but I haven’t been there.

B: Hows ah queens college treating you?

N: Very nice, its a college that I wanted to come to for a very long time. Since I was in guyana I was doing research on colleges to attend and this was on the top of my list.

B: Ok, so have you met any new people? Have you…

N: Just like one or two people but most, most of the times everyone is just on the go.

B: Ahh I get you I get you, hows the work thing going?

N: Work is good, its good.

B: Alright, say bye

N: Bye- Bye.


When we were assigned this project I was a bit panicked. For one I didn’t have much free time even to spare for an interview. I got Nashs number and we proceeded numerous times to set a time and place to meet. Till at last, the day of we met before our first class sessions. Anxious and nervous to complete the assignment we proceeded with our interviews in a sort of circular seating art design. From the interview i learned that Nash was actually from the capital of his country, and was overall just like me. New to college life, the people and the work. Afterwards I had taken forever to upload the video so in turn Matthew Kruczowy helped me upload it to both youtube and the class blog. This I thought was a great opening exercise that contributed to both class, English 110 and our Film class. Encompassing our skills in question writing, reporting, acting and recording.

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