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1. dorm room door with my name on it

2.medium shot of me

3.funny sports blooper

4.actual interview footage

5.image of  a “weird” guy wearing pink

65.”cool” person wearing blue

76.actual interview footage

87.really skinny hungry kids

98.a fridge full of food

109.someone waiting for the bus right in front of a car dealership in the rain

11.someone parking near baruch on a sunny day

12.interview footage

13.footage of QC campus ending at the summit during the day with people walking around

14.shot of the sunsetting

15.The front of the summit empty during nighttime

16.people in their rooms watching tv or doing homework

17.people partying in a different school

18.close up of someone chugging a beer

19.Close up of ambulance lights

20.Close up of cemetery

21.Widen shot show beer chugging person walking by

22.close up of hospital bracelet, showing DOB and age 17

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Before reading the essay, I already knew that it was only three pages which lead me to think it would be simpler to understand and not require as much effort.  After finishing the first page, I realized that three pages would be more then enough to confuse me anyway.  After finishing the essay I decided it would be best to re read it which helped a lot.  The first thought I had was that I wished I saw the movie so I could understand what Barthel was talking about, but as I continued reading I realized he managed to make his point clear while referencing the movie without making it impossible to understand.

I think that Barthel jumped right into the essay without really explaining the point he was trying to make, and that he waited until the end to really clarify what the whole point of his essay was about.  He starts off talking about fringes and roman hair styles and what they signify in the movie, saying how the fringe clearly portrays Roman-ness.  But then he later contradicts himself when he points out different parts of the movie where the fringe is ineffective and not believable.  This was something that added to the confusion of the essay until I read it again and realized the point he was trying to make.  He continues on the topic of hair and I think only adds more confusion by ranting about unnatural portia and calpurnia’s hair looks.  At this point in the reading I got the feeling that Barthel was doing nothing but complain about the movie and how unbelievable it was, which made me not like him at all.   This feeling continued as  he complained about the overuse of sweat.

Things finally come together when he begins to talk about the ethic of signs.  Barthel’s idea of the ethic of signs seemed to be along the same line of thought as Eisenstein’s idea of depictive VS denotative.  I don’t think I would have been able to grasp the point of Barthel’s essay without the prior reading of Eisenstein, because Barthel’s style of writing is too condensed and when he tries to prove his point by comparing polar opposites I think he just makes a big mess of it.

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Justin\’s Interview

L-Hello, whats your name?

J-My name is Justin

L-When is your birthday?

J-We gotta start over


L-Just go ahead when’s your birthday?

J-My Birthday’s November 7th

L-What sign are you?


L-Do you believe in astrology?

J-Yea a little bit

L-Uhmm, whats your favorite color



J-I don’t know, cuz im a guy and it’s the color that guys like.

L-Why not pink?


L-what’s your favorite food?

J-Anything that tastes good, cuz  I have no food in my room

L-Hm, lets see….do you drive?

J-I do drive but I don’t have a car, so not really.

L-Okay, interesting, interesting this is getting somewhere.


L-Theres no pause on this is there?, Oh Hey! We can zoom, so…..what do you want to do later in life?.

J-Later in life? Like how later?

L-5 years, where do you see yourself in five years?

J-In five years, I have to be getting my masters in Baruch

L-In Baruch? Oh. Goodbye Queens college.

J-Im probably gonna leave next year though


J-Because it’s kinda boring

L-Why is it boring?

J-Because the dorms are not  enough party having environent, Im going to a party school.

L-Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

J-I don’t know, I might be dead

L-Ten years??


L-Your not even 18 are you Mr Garcia?


L-Well it has been One minute and 49 seconds

J-Alright, I think this was a very fun and productive interview

L-I think so too.

For me doing this interview was a little more challenging, because at first I thought I was going to have to interview myself.  People might expect that to be easier then having to talk to a person you barely know, but I felt that it was just going to add to the awkwardness.  I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I would shoot the interview while playing both the roles of interviewer and interviewee at the same time.  Not having a second person made all the aspects of the interview seem like they needed more attention. I began to over think everything from the location to the conversation I was going to have with myself.  I got so nervous about everything that I realized the only way I was going to get the assignment done was if I found someone to interview me.

The process of finding an interviewer wasn’t too hard since I live in the summit, so I went to a friends room and had her and friends interview me.  Although I was happy to finally have gotten the ball rolling, I was still unsure how the interview would go because none of them thought it was necessary to write down questions or rehearse the interview.   Because of this the first interview we did was terrible, and the second one was even worse, but the third time we did it I felt that there was enough good material for the minute and a half clip that would work to show who I am, even though at first I thought we would have to start over again.  I don’t think the interview would have been as much fun as it was, If I didn’t already know the person interviewing me, but it probably helped because it shows me in a more comfortable setting.

I felt that the interview itself was fun because of who I was with.  But, the process of answering all of those questions one after another was a difficult thing.  What made it so difficult was that there were still questions I didn’t know were coming and thinking of a substantial answer on the spot isn’t easy at all.  After doing and watching the interview, I am curious to see what it would have been like if I had the opportunity to interview someone as well, but judging from my reaction to interviewing myself I’m not sure it would have worked out so good.

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