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We started off class by going over the revision process and we looked at the comments made by people on how they would revise their own papers. After this we went over the shot by shot analysis paper that is due on Friday in Media Studies class. Professor mentioned that a shot by shot list is something very important for that paper. The shot by shot description should not show plot. You can prove evidence just by observing a part in a movie, through cinematography, sounds and dialog you can put together an argument in the movie. We also went over If everyone saw the same thing in the movie then that is evidence and if it something only you see then that is an argument.  After talking about the assignment in dept we went to the example Professor Hertzog put up on her blog, it shows that the shot by shot description has 4 key terms with editing, cinematography, and other terms. We then went to watch “The house” which was an observation documentary so we can get an example of shot by shot written down. We then took 10 mins to write down a good shot by shot description of the documentary we watched. After making individual shot by shot lists we made a class list so that everyone could understand and talk about in detail about the documentary.

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In the passage Projecting the Self: Filmic Technique and Construction” by Sharon Sherman uses the elements that Gordon Harvey writes about in his list of what should be in an academic essay. In Sherman’s passage you see examples of structure, thesis and evidence. Sherman uses all of these elements in his writing and he uses them to get his point across and make it easier on the reader to get his points which is exactly what he is trying to do.

Sherman shows off the structure of this passage quite early and continues it throughout the whole chapter. You see that this is from a book filled with many chapters and the one we read was entitled “Projecting the Self”. You see that it follows a pattern of these smaller sub sections that make these longer chapters into a smaller subjects which not only helps the reader understand more but it keeps the chapters very organized and when someone is looking for a specific subject that he talks about it makes it very easy to pinpoint a location in a bigger chapter by making these smaller titles of key points like with “Tools of Choice” being a break from the last topic he was talking about to the new topic he is going to introduce the next point he has.

The chapter we read also shows off how Sherman uses thesis and proves it by using evidence at every chance he gets. The major thesis he is putting across in the chapter is that film can never be objective, only subjective. Throughout the essay he is proving this with evidence of how editing film and adding to film makes it go toward one person’s view and doesn’t leave it objective. The evidence he uses is different things that make films subjective and with his examples he gives paragraph long quotes from directors who use these techniques in their films. With everything he shows the reader he always backs it up with through and though out examples indicating that his point is valid and they connect back to the thesis of how a film cannot be objective.

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In the reading of First Principles of Documentary by John Grierson he brings up points about how newsreels are quick and he goes into a deeper mentioning of this. A second thing that he mentions is how important the music is to a movie and how it can make things seem extraordinary. In general this reading was quite interesting and was very enjoyable to read even though it was lengthy.

The first point that I want to get across is how on Page 99 Grierson says that “the peace-time newsreel is just a speedy snip-snap of some utterly unimportant ceremony” and to me this shows that at the time this was written it was the beginning of the era of people were getting knowledge rapidly. The section is important to me because it shows that in movie theaters people could learn about important news that was relevant to everyone and it kept people in the theaters all day so they could escape the depression that was sweeping over much of the world but the film makers making those short newsreels had to jam as much information in this short time because the movie companies wanted to get their movies out and if you put 10 of these in a row the normal audience member will just be bored to death and not care about what is on screen anymore. Another thing that I really liked that he mention’d was how he said at the time in 1947 he said that people could learn about all the important news around the world in 50 minutes and today it doesn’t even take that long due to technology with smart phones and laptops to find out about anything in just seconds.

The second thing he mentions is on page 106 where he talks about how symphonists can build something very simple to something magnificent. What he is saying here is very true because musical scores and a movies soundtrack is something that can change the entire environment of the movie but at the same time can become something familiar with the audience and lead into scenes into something that we know will happen based on previous movies. For example if we hear the jaws themes in the background of something scary we know that someone will be in grave danger even if the character is not doing something of interest. His point of how music can make the movie is so true because without the right music a movie will not do well and the audience will loose interest very quickly.

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1 – Close up of spine of a book
2 – have dollars signs come up on camera
3 – Have Cindy with a grin
4 – picture of film reel
5 – clip of student studying
6 – short scene of soft rock playing in the background
7 – clip of cafe where soft rock is played
8 – short montage of sports
9 – longer montage of tennis and swimming to be spec.
10 – show video of vampires with blood on fangs
11 – grusome attack by vampires
12 – picture of china
13 – picture of cindy and her sister that isnt in america
14 – clip or picture of boat or plane to america
15 – show reunited sisters holding each other
16 – play out the scene with cindys favorite band and explosions

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