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I would like to point of right off the bat that I found the reading very interesting and yet, at the same time, very confusing. My interpertations of what was disussed in the essay my be a little different from previous ones, but I’ll try my best. The first thing that I did notice and understand was the Roland Barthes used Mankiewicz’s Julius Cesar and broke it down throughout the essay, mainly using the hair styles of the men and women as some of his key points. But I dont quite understand why he did so.

Barthes then goes on to judge the acting abilites of Marlon Brando, saying that he didnt think Brando was a good choice to portray someone of Cesar’s status. What I gather as to why he mention this is that Barthes feels that in order for a movie to truely depict the lives of Roman people, the actors must first have a understading of who they are playing. The whole idea of a film is to bring the audience into another world. How can that be possible if the audience does not believe what they are seeing?

After reading his essay and going back time and time again and getting a deeper understanding, I think I understand exactly what Barthes was trying saying. He was saying that viewing films in a more complex way, not just looking at the sets and the designs and actors and actresses, but looking at the meaning of the film and if these actors can correctly represent who they are playing helps you to better understand what its trying to get across.

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So who won the debate?? lol

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Maya: Ma
Mathias: Mt


Mt: State yout name.

Ma: My name is Maya.

Mt: What made you come to Queens College?

Ma: Convenience and I liked the campus.

Mt: What are your hobbies outside of school?

Ma: I like watching TV and I play live music.

Mt: What’s your favorite TV show?

Ma: Probably bones (she giggles)

Mt: Have you decided a major yet?

Ma: No, but Im leaning towards Media Studies.

Mt: Okay. If you had to drop class, what would you
do and why?

Ma: (She pauses and thinks) Probably Political Science because it is a lot to take it.

Mt: You have to do a lot of writing?

Ma: Yeah!

Mt. Okay. Thanks.


I liked the idea of doing an interview from the very beginning. I found it to be an interesting way to combined a sort of ice-breaker for the class and a way to teach us all how to use our Flip cams. I was, at first, a little nervous about doing it. I wasnt so much the fact of doing the interview, it was the fact that I would have to do it on camera with someone I’ve never met before. But I thought more about it and I realized that I don’t have anything to lose, just things to gain. I get to meet a new friend and I get to learn a little about them in the process.

Maya and I met up in the Student Union building on the tuesday before class to do our interview. We thought that would be one of the more quieter places on campus besides the library. We were worng! We found this quiet floor to do our interview, we set up our netbooks, talked a little before the actually interview and right as we started, this mob of people busted through the elevator. We had to laugh at it. We actually had to scrap our first interview becuase it was to loud in the room.

The interview went well, if I say so myself. I found it to be a lot more fun then I initially thought it would be and I learn a few things about Maya that I probably wouldn’t have if not for this interview. The assignment tought me to be more open with people , to break down the walls the we have around us and to be more than just a tentative listner. I tought me a lot about how people, the interviewee’s, present themselves to others and how we, the interviewer, grasp them. I would love to do another interview like this down the road.

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I will be honesty, I did find that the interview was extremely long. Personally, Im prone to reading interviews that are about 2-3 pages long from Entertainment Weekly. But there is one part of this interview that truely stood out to me. Liven asked Wiseman if he was the one who did the sound, while somebody else did the shooting (page 318). To quickly sum up his answer, it was yes. And that ‘yes’ really showed me something about his character. It showed me that Wiseman is perfectly fine with giving someone else the chance to be in charge. He also went on to saying that he works out “signals” with whom he’s working with so they both have an understanding of the shot they need. This really showed me that however big, or however famous Wiseman is, he has absolutely no problem falling back onto others when he needs the help. A true artist knows that it doesnt take the skill of one cocky individual to get a good shot. It take the skill’s of an entire team. I think Im going to go rent Titicut Follies now….

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