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Everytime i try to cut or lengthen a scene audio whatever the movie maker ends up freezing on me and says ‘not responding’ then i have to exit the page losing half my work and restarting again. After i ‘end program’ i always click “send error report” thinking the problem would be solved but it happens again and again and AGAIN. i am getting so frustrated! Can anyone help me please?!

ps this happened before with the community interviews

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When I started reading Vertov’s article, I found this article to be better than most of the articles. Vertov’s style was definitely different but the most refreshing. Vertov believed in Kino-Pravda or “film truth”. Here he states what believes should be shown in film through rules and guidelines because he strongly disliked cinematography. Vertov’s strong dislike of cinematography comes from his belief that it ruins cinematic art.

Vertov’s “Cinematography must die so that the art of cinema may live” is trying to explain that the fancy gimics in films ruins the actual quality of films. It distorts the truth and leads the viewers to be dissatisfied. I don’t believe that cinematography should “die” but more like “be used less frequently”. Films should be able to have edits, but not edits that could drastically change the imagery of the film. If it didn’t have at least a few edits the film might not be as visually attractive to the audience. Basically less is more.

I  like how he states that camera eye is more perfect than the human eye, because the camera catches whatever the human eye cannot see. The camera eye can be modified in order to get the “perfect” picture, while the human eye cannot. I find truth in this statement because there are many things the human eye misses in everyday life. The camera is the most recent and effective tool that can capture everything.

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After I read Sherman’s piece of ‘projecting one’s self’, it was obvious that Gordon Harvey’s “Elements of the Academic Essay” were used. Harvey’s “elements” are used by scholars and writers as a way for readers to understand  the point they are trying to put across. In this case, Sherman is letting us as readers know that her opinion is that “film is always a construction.” One of Harvey’s first on his list is thesis. Thesis gives us the main topic of the essay. Sherman, in her opening paragraph explains that film is constructed though the eyes of the film maker. She believes that filmmakers’ films must be able to speak to the audience and she uses evidence (#3 on Harvey’s List) to support her thesis.

Sherman also uses structure and titles, by separating the paragraphs into subtopics. For each subtopic, Sherman supports each topic with sources (#8 on Harvey’s List). Most of the sources are quotes from people and Sherman uses these quotes to her advantage for supporting her thesis. Her stance shows that she is trying to tell you that this her opinion or reason for why film is a construction.

Evidence is provided in each paragraph with the use of her key terms and sources. And Sherman’s motive is for her readers to support her thesis. Gordon Harvey’s “Elements” were obviously used in Sherman’s essay. These elements help get the writer’s reasons across with the use of organization and information to back the cause.

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I found this article to be so much easier to read and understand than most of the artcles we were assigned to read. I found that Grierson had a certain writing style that made reading this more interesting and easier to understand. With his examples using film and other articles i was able to get a clearer picture of what a documentary could be.
Acccording to Grierson, documentary is “clumsy” and made up of “natural materials”. Using examples of newsreels magazines and films, Grierson believed that these different species represent different forms of obeservations and organization of material. Newsreel items don’t sho as much information and not quite useful because it is basically on useless information. Magazines represent journalistic skill and adopted what Grierson calls Tit-Bits manner of observation. Magazines have an audience but there information goes public once a week and don’t take in consideration of the information.
One of the first principles that Grierson stresses on is that documentary should “photograph the living scene and the living story” instead of acting out true stories. The original story should not be told by actors but by the original people themselves. They are the true interpretation of what the modern world is.  Documentary films should give a powerful interpretation of what modern world really is without the use of studio sets and actors. Raw material gives the film a finer quality.

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