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This article may have been short but it was still confusing. It took me several times to read in order to fully understand Barthes. What Barthes did was pick up on small details that was a clear sign of “Roman-ness”. Using the hair styles (fringes) as an example, Barthes explained signifier and the signified in that sign. The signifier was the hair on the Romans’ foreheads. The Signified is the wearing of that hairstyle, it basically means that the fringe was the sign of being a Roman.

Sweating was also a another sign that Barthes pointed out. Sweating (which was really Vaseline) has several meanings. It could represent the tension or nervousness of the characters in certain situations. Its could also represent the fight within oneself.

Barthes stated that “sign is ambiguous: it remains on the surface, yet does not for all that give up the attempt to pass itself off as depth.” I understood that Barthe was trying to say that signs are evident in film such as Julius Caesar even if it is not stressed upon. Signs are suppose to be make people understand what is the true meaning of the story.Whether signs were put there by accident or by force they are meant be openly intellectual or deeply rooted.

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1)      Close up of Matt.

2)      Shot of his birth certificate.

3)      Shot of Matt talking and laughing with a group of people.

4)     Shot of Matt surrounded by thought bubbles.

5)      Shot of a potato on a couch.

6)      Shot of Matt playing video games.

7)      Closeup of calendar with a test date on the next day.

8)      Close up of Matt.

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(this was about the first day of english class, sorry it’s late I accidentally made a my own blog and posted it on that instead)

Hey guys, I’m Stephanie and basically here to bestow upon you news of my life as a college student. Exciting, isn’t it? Well, so far truthfully the college experience hasn’t really hit me yet but the new classes and the new people I’m meeting is overwhelming.

But so far so good. I mean I get a cool netbook so I’m pretty cool. I went to a Catholic School for most of my life so the fact that I paid so much for tuition and got squat makes me like college so much more.

I’m really looking forward to the projects we’ll be able to do together. The peer interview seems fun because it’s random and we get to know how our classmates are like. What we mostly did in class was learn about the Flip cameras and how to use the software. In our future classes, I hope we have more class discussions. I feel like that’s the best way to get connect with each other and with the subject.

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Steph Shiwram- SS (interviewer)

Matt Kruczowy- MK (interviewee)

SS- Yep, go.

MK- My name’s Matt Kruczowy

SS- OK, uh, Describe yourself in 3 words.

MK- Uh 3 words ok, uhm, confident, uh lazy, and the act of being a… procrastinating I guess I dont know what you call that.

SS- (laughs) uh, What’s your favorite movie?

MK- Uhm my favorite movie is probably… can I list a few?

SS-  yeah! sure go ahead. I’m like that too.

MK- I like the Sandlot because that’s a childhood movie of mine, uhm A Christmas Story, and probably Ocean’s Eleven just coz it’s my favorite twist movie ever.

SS- That’s a good list. That is an awesome list.

MK- Thank you.

SS- um, Why did you take this course or come to Queens College?

MK- um well I’ve had uh some experience in movie editing and stuff so I figured this class would be cool to just get a stronger knowledge of what I’m actually doing instead of winging it all the time and I came to Queens College, one because my mother went here and it’s pretty local for me, and it’s a good school so.

SS- Ok, uh one more um, What animal would you be and why?

MK- Animal, uh, I think a bird only because they get to see everything and always in control and flying that’s pretty badass so, definitely a bird, eagle!

SS- That’s cool. Thanks!

MK- (laughs)  Thank you.


When I was first given this assignment, I was kind of excited to start interviewing my classmates. I like meeting new people and I’m sociable but I tend to think my personality gets a little too overwhelming. I really thought that the interview would help me to better introduce myself in a way that doesn’t make people think “oh snap, crazy girl”.  I only knew one other kid, Mathias,  in the class so inside i was actually really hoping to interview him. I was, but since the basis of the project was to interview someone we didn’t know, so I was paired up with a different Matt, a Matthew Kruczowy that is.

Matt was really nice and open so I wasn’t as nervous about the questions I was going to ask him. The day before our class we met each other at the Student Union building an decided to film our interviews outside. I gave him an idea of the questions I planned on asking him and since the interview had to be 2 mins, I felt rushed. I wanted to get to know him a little bit more but eventually I became the interviewee. Matt gave me a brief overview of the questions he would ask me. As he was asking me the questions I felt a little bit more comfortable and after the interview we sat with a few more people in the SU building.

I really didn’t mind meeting a new person and doing an assignment with them. I’m a pretty open person and Matt seemed like that kind of person too. I’m glad I got to know him a little bit more and I’m really psyched to work with my other classmates one-on-one or as a group for future projects.

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