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Mark: Alright, were going to start with your age, name, nationality, and what high school your from.

Carlene: Okay, my name is Carlene Faith.  I’m Italian, Irish, Swedish, Norwegian, and English.  I went to Cardozo High School in Bayside.

Mark: Okay then, were moving on to the next one.  Whats your favorite hobbies you do outside of school?

Carlene: Outside of school i work at a pizzeria, like to hangout with friends, i love listening to music, i like to play Rockband a lot actually and i am very involved in theater and stuff like that.

Mark: Alright, who’s the person you look up to and why?

Carlene: I look up to my mom the most because she takes care of everything in the family, she handles everything and does it all, and like shes such an inspirational person and i really love her.

Mark: Where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?

Carlene: In 5 years i see myself graduating from queens, hopefully getting my masters and then becoming an elementary education teacher hopefully 3rd grade.

Mark: Okay, is there any event that might have drastically changed your life? If so, what is it and why?

Carlene: Id say the main event that drastically changed my life is probably in 9th grade i was pushed to try out for something we have in my school called SING, which is the theater production and i didnt really want do it but since then it has really changed me and made me know that any theater and now media studies in my life is something that is now one of my greatest favorite things to do.

Mark: Alright, Thank You Carlene



When Professor Ferguson first paired me up with Carlene, i must say i was pretty excited.  I never tend to be nervous or shy in public and i had already spoken to carlene before so shyness wasn’t the issue at all.  I could say i was somewhat worried about the questions she would ask and if i knew how to answer them correctly without thinking about it too much.  I’ve always liked these type of class activities because you get to meet new people and know the type of person everyone in the class is. I could say getting to know people also helps out in the fact that for shy people it breaks the ice in terms of class participation.  First days of class, not many students participate, but Im sure after were done doing several activities and know each other a bit more with this class and the media studies class, we will get comfortable in terms of answering and testing the waters with some debate and opinions on a topic.

Now, I’m pretty sure Carlene felt a bit nervous before we did the interview.  We spoke a bit about how the class was and told each other a bit about who we were so by the time we did the interview it wouldn’t be completely awkward.  Once we were both comfortable, we did have the suspense of wondering what the other person would ask when we went on camera, but to my surprise although there was personal questions, i answered them without a problem.  I’m pretty sure the same goes for her.  She seemed very comfortable and excited to answer the questions and opened up in the video where she said her mom was her biggest inspiration and she loves her.

Well, i really think this activity helped both our writing skills, film/editing skills, and getting comfortable with the class.  Also, i realized that public speaking although it may look easy is a bit harder than you think.  Also, the way you think your coming out on screen, isn’t necessarily the way you appear.  I pictured myself stuttering a lot and pausing to think before i saw the video but after i saw it it wasn’t so bad after all.  I enjoyed doing this activity and hope that there’s more to come.

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Russell Weinberg: Hi, I’m Russell Weinberg, I am from Forest Hills, New York, and this is my interview.

Aaron Dreyfuss: What’s you favorite movie of all time?

Russell: Well, I’d have to say it’s a tie between tow pair- two sets of movies actually. One would be Clerks one and Clerks two, just because I find them to have a very entertaining storyline. And- just the characters- are a lot of fun. There is no plot but some movie s don’t have to have a plot. The other great movie that I would recommend to everyone would be the Die Hard trilogy which is my other favorite set of movies because it’s just filled with explosions.

Aaron: And what’s your favorite band?

Russell: I’d have to say my favorite band is Metallica. Because- I mean, I don’t know. I’ve always grown up listening to their music and my friend used to play Enter Sandman on his guitar all the time and it really, like, started to grow on me, and that’s what made me like them a lot. Shortly followed by Pink Floyd.

Aaron: And what is your favorite memory with your family?

Russell: My favorite memory with my family would have to be when I went with my dad and my grandfather to a Mets game at Shea Stadium- which is no longer there- and the Mets were losing eight to one in the bottom of the eighth. They rallied to score eight runs topped off  by a Mike Piazza two run homerun  in the ninth to seal the deal and win the game for them. and considering my parents have gotten divorced shortly after that I think it’s my fondest memory considering it was one of the only times I was together with- people in my family.

Aaron: All right, thank you very much.

When I fist heard of the assignment I thought it was an interesting was to get acquainted with a classmate. When I was paired with Russell he seemed like a cool guy. Before the interview we discussed what some interesting questions would be and where would be a good place to film them. After we got settled we started filming.

First I interviewed him. It didn’t take long because we both more or less knew what we wanted to say. While interviewing him, I had no idea what his answers were going to be so it was a cool surprise to hear that his favorite movie was Clerks. Overall, his interview went by pretty quick and easy.

My interview however seemed a lot different. Even though I had a basic idea of what my answers were going to be I didn’t say seem to articulate my points as well as I should have. For example, in the interview I didn’t come close to explaining the sheer greatness of Waking Life. Overall however, it was an interesting was and interesting was to get to know Russell better.

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Kevin Prunty (KP): Alright let’s start of with your name.

Ikey Juster (IJ) : My name is Ikey Juster

KP: Alright, Where are you from?

IJ: Im from, um… I was born in queens and when I was ten i moved to Israel. I was living there up until two months ago. Now I live with my aunt and uncle and two cousins in Brooklyn.

KP: How do you think the experience of living in Israel and coming back here to go to school has impacted you?

IJ: Well I left when I was really young so.. I guess.. well uh Israel is really different from here but I think that I really like it here much better than in Israel. It’s kind of boring in Israel.

KP: How do you like Queens College so far?

IJ: I really like it. I’ve been thinking about coming here for a long time.

KP: What are some of your favorite hobbies?

IJ: I really like watching movies, I like playing guitar, I skateboard a little bit, and that’s it, I listen to music alot.

KP: Alright, and how about we get one interesting fact about yourself.

IJ: One interesting fact about myself…uhh, well after high school in Israel you have to go to the army for three years, every citizen has to and yeah i was there for three years and yeah I was there for three years and it was kind of intersting.

KP: Alright, so that’s it…

When I first heard that as an assignment we would have to interview eachother on camera I was a little nervous. I am not very good in new situations and meeting new people without people I already know around me. To add to the pressure of meeting new people I don’t work well in front of cameras and I feel very uncomfortable being filmed. Although, as a child I loved to be filmed and I was always in home movies but something changed when I got older. Now even if I am with friends that are recording me I still get an uncomfortable feeling.  I’m not sure why I get like this but it has just been something that I have found hard to overcome.

While doing these interviews I noticed that I felt a lot more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. I was just able to conduct myself in a better way without getting nervous. I guess the feeling of being behind the camera asking the questions and being sort of in charge of the interview had something to do with that change in feeling. The feeling that whoever is watching this video is focused on you and only you is also taken away when you are behind the camera. When I was being asked the questions I felt like I was being put on the spot, almost pressured in some way. I think that the interview of me interviewing Ikey went better than me being interviewed.

By the end of the interviews I was happy I worked with Ikey and I felt that it went really well. Ikey had some very interesting things to say especially about being in the army for three years. When I heard that I thought about how borig my life was just being a simple kid that grew up in Queens and never has done anything really interesting like that in his life. I feel like I learned alot from just doing this first assignment and I hope to continue learning throughout the semester.

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This is a transcript of my interview with Nash.

Brad: Hey so ah, whats your name?

Nash: My name is, my full name is avanash ravnihall but I prefer for everyone to call me nash.

B: And where are you from?

N: I’m from Guyana.

B: What part of Guyana are you from?

N: I’m from Georgetown, Guyana.

B: Did you recently move here or…

N: Like a year and a half ago.

B: How are you enjoying the states?

N: Its nice

B: Undertone: Its nice

N: My climatization was a bit rough at first but everything is…

B: Undertone:Ok

N: …Pretty cool now

B: Ahh what highschool did you attend?

N: I attended Queens College High School.

B: Ohh okay hah.

N: Its kind of funny but its a high school actually though.

B: And you know where that is?

N: Where?

B: Yeah where?

N: Oh in Guyana, in Georgetown

B: Oh it is? Oh wow, thats pretty cool.

B: So what do you like about ahh… new york so far?

N: I like everything, I like the cultural diversity because I like meeting new people I love the places.i like everything about it.

B: Have you been to like the world trade center, ground zero, everything? Site seeing and everything?

N: Most places but I haven’t been there.

B: Hows ah queens college treating you?

N: Very nice, its a college that I wanted to come to for a very long time. Since I was in guyana I was doing research on colleges to attend and this was on the top of my list.

B: Ok, so have you met any new people? Have you…

N: Just like one or two people but most, most of the times everyone is just on the go.

B: Ahh I get you I get you, hows the work thing going?

N: Work is good, its good.

B: Alright, say bye

N: Bye- Bye.


When we were assigned this project I was a bit panicked. For one I didn’t have much free time even to spare for an interview. I got Nashs number and we proceeded numerous times to set a time and place to meet. Till at last, the day of we met before our first class sessions. Anxious and nervous to complete the assignment we proceeded with our interviews in a sort of circular seating art design. From the interview i learned that Nash was actually from the capital of his country, and was overall just like me. New to college life, the people and the work. Afterwards I had taken forever to upload the video so in turn Matthew Kruczowy helped me upload it to both youtube and the class blog. This I thought was a great opening exercise that contributed to both class, English 110 and our Film class. Encompassing our skills in question writing, reporting, acting and recording.

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Below is a transcript of a video assignment, Peer interview with Brad, given by Professor Ferguson on September 1st , 2010.


September 8, 2010, outside Frese Hall on Queens College campus.

Nash:  Alright, um, let’s start off by telling me your name.

Brad: Uhh, hey, uh, my name is Brad.

N: Ok, what’s your age?

B: My age is seventeen. I have a late birthday so, you know, eighteen soon enough.

N: Ok…are you, um, a local citizen or a foreigner?

B: Local citizen, my parents, they moved from Trinidad when they were about twenty… twenty-five so yeah….(unclear)

N: Which part of Trinidad?

B: Umm, San Fernando.

N: Ok, umm, Do you have any favorite music?

B: Uhh…I kinda like alternative but basically I listen to anything with a good beat

N: Ok, what about a favorite movie?

B: Favorite movie…huhh…probably JAWS, I like sharks.

N: Alright, umm, Have you declared a major at Queens College yet?

B: No I haven’t. I declared a major when I applied here but everyone comes in as undeclared, so uhh, I have to declare my chemistry major next semester.

N: Ok.

B:  So I get to declare that hopefully.

N: Do you have a favorite television show?

B:  Uh, favorite television show…  I don’t really watch television, so….Jersey Shore maybe. It’s funny laughing at other people’s…(unclear)

N: Who is your favorite, umm, character?

B: Uhhh, I think it would definitely have to be Pauly…because he is just like out there…he is just funny for no reason.

N: Ok, with the tremendous hairstyle.

B: Yeahh, I don’t even know how he gets that up… I kind kinda get it.

N: Alright umm, which, Of all the courses that you umm study right now, which do you find to be your umm favorite?

B: Umm, right now, I definitely think is a combined course of like the English 110 class mixed with the Film class, because you know, I am getting tools to be a better writer, but then again I am actually learning how to do film editing and all that.

N: Alright, that’s the end of our interview.

B: Alright, saying bye for now.


Reflective Essay:

On Wednesday September 1st, the professor of my English 110 class assigned a video project. Naturally, thinking about what I like to do, the first thing that came to mind was filming something or someone.  Turns out, the aim of the project was interviewing a classmate, hence that classmate being the subject of my video.  A split second of joy ended so abruptly when I realized that I would also have to be the subject of one’s video. Normally, a hater of public speaking because of all the nerve-wrecking feelings that accompany it, I simply choose to ignore and avoid it. It works out way better for me because I have no fear when ignoring the aforementioned issue.  I opted to ignore the project, and contemplated to let Brad choose a member from the group of three persons, so that everything can cancel out evenly. However, after being coaxed, I decided to do the project to avoid impeding the progress of Brad’s assignment.

Before i interviewed Brad, I decided that a suitable and attractive location would be the back of Frese Hall because of  the structures that created a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, and at the same time making the video background stylish. However, it didn’t make any sense because an interview is meant to be a “close-up”.  My interview questions for Brad were planned. Brad seemed relatively at ease with the interview questions. While I like the fact that I improvised some follow-up questions while diverting from the planned questions, I realized it messed up the organizational and cohesive flow of the interview. Always stick to the script! From an interview standpoint, I felt the ending of the interview was a success.

My interview was impromptu. Although I did not know my questions beforehand, I decided to be interviewed first, so I can get it out of the way very quickly. All the tell-tale signs of discomfort were present.  I looked incredibly red, due to the fact that my heart was pumping blood like a lamborghini on a racetrack. I was even amazed at the weird, radical change of pitch in my voice and the “galloping fragmentation” of my sentences. Head inverted into my shoulders, folded palms, nauseated and rigid facial expression, dorky cross-eyed glances into the camera and poor inarticulation could have been a precursor to catatonia. On the positive side, I felt that my responses were appropriate and I managed to elaborate a little instead of giving one-word or one sentence answers.

Overall, I felt highly uncomfortable infront of the camera and consider the outcome of this project an enormous failure. After reflecting on this video and surviving the embarrassment of my English class seeing it, NEVER AGAIN will I engage in such an emasculating activity. Should any project of this nature pop up again, I would paperbag my face and use a voice synthesizer.

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Steph Shiwram- SS (interviewer)

Matt Kruczowy- MK (interviewee)

SS- Yep, go.

MK- My name’s Matt Kruczowy

SS- OK, uh, Describe yourself in 3 words.

MK- Uh 3 words ok, uhm, confident, uh lazy, and the act of being a… procrastinating I guess I dont know what you call that.

SS- (laughs) uh, What’s your favorite movie?

MK- Uhm my favorite movie is probably… can I list a few?

SS-  yeah! sure go ahead. I’m like that too.

MK- I like the Sandlot because that’s a childhood movie of mine, uhm A Christmas Story, and probably Ocean’s Eleven just coz it’s my favorite twist movie ever.

SS- That’s a good list. That is an awesome list.

MK- Thank you.

SS- um, Why did you take this course or come to Queens College?

MK- um well I’ve had uh some experience in movie editing and stuff so I figured this class would be cool to just get a stronger knowledge of what I’m actually doing instead of winging it all the time and I came to Queens College, one because my mother went here and it’s pretty local for me, and it’s a good school so.

SS- Ok, uh one more um, What animal would you be and why?

MK- Animal, uh, I think a bird only because they get to see everything and always in control and flying that’s pretty badass so, definitely a bird, eagle!

SS- That’s cool. Thanks!

MK- (laughs)  Thank you.


When I was first given this assignment, I was kind of excited to start interviewing my classmates. I like meeting new people and I’m sociable but I tend to think my personality gets a little too overwhelming. I really thought that the interview would help me to better introduce myself in a way that doesn’t make people think “oh snap, crazy girl”.  I only knew one other kid, Mathias,  in the class so inside i was actually really hoping to interview him. I was, but since the basis of the project was to interview someone we didn’t know, so I was paired up with a different Matt, a Matthew Kruczowy that is.

Matt was really nice and open so I wasn’t as nervous about the questions I was going to ask him. The day before our class we met each other at the Student Union building an decided to film our interviews outside. I gave him an idea of the questions I planned on asking him and since the interview had to be 2 mins, I felt rushed. I wanted to get to know him a little bit more but eventually I became the interviewee. Matt gave me a brief overview of the questions he would ask me. As he was asking me the questions I felt a little bit more comfortable and after the interview we sat with a few more people in the SU building.

I really didn’t mind meeting a new person and doing an assignment with them. I’m a pretty open person and Matt seemed like that kind of person too. I’m glad I got to know him a little bit more and I’m really psyched to work with my other classmates one-on-one or as a group for future projects.

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Regina Harsanyi: Hi, my name is Regina Harsanyi and I’m interviewing Andrien Lasaru[sic]. (Points camera at Adrien). This is Andrien.

AL: Hello

RH: Uh, what’s your favorite movie and why?

AL: My favorite movie would have to be the Lord of the Rings trilogy because I like the combination… how they use good story with a nice location and also uh, good action to keep you into it.

RH: I have to ask you this, uh, did you like the book or movie better?

AL: Umm, I don’t know. In my opinion they’re both, it both depends on what you want. The books tell you the story in more detail but the movies kind of, uh, keep you entertained better with more action.

RH: Okay, um, what’s your desired major and why?

AL: Uh, my desired major is going to be computer science because I like learning how to use computers and I want to know how to program.

RH: Uh, what are some things you do in your spare time?

AL: Um, in my spare time I mainly like to go outside, read sometimes, hang out with friends, play video games…

RH: (cutting him off) You like to read?

AL: Yeah, a little bit

RH: Um, what’s your favorite book? Is it -Lord of the Rings- or…

AL: Uh, I don’t know. It would have to… I can’t really decide. It would have to be either -Lord of the Rings-, um, -The Three Musketeers- or the -Chronicles of Narnia-.

RH: Um, now I have to ask you this. This is a generic question. If you were stuck on a desert island, what three items would you have to bring with you?

AL: Um, let’s see. Probably a t.v. with my x-box…

RH: How would you plug that in?

AL: I was going to say a generator…

RH: Oh-ho!

AL: So, mainly because that’s the easiest way I communicate with my friends so.


When we were first informed about the interview project I assumed we could pick our own partners so I quickly jotted down ideas with Beatrice, my roommate, on how we could make this work. I was caught off guard when it was made known that the partners would be picked for us. I am sometimes awkward, even a little cold when it comes to meeting people so, I was a little freaked out to say the least. Interviewing others isn’t something I’m all that experienced with, a.k.a not at all. Originally I planned on making it seem as formal as possible and didn’t think to make it laid back or casual. I regret it not being more fluid. I was glad to work with Adrien because he was interesting and easy to work with. I wish it was more candid. I now think the questions shouldn’t have been written down beforehand. I think I felt pressured by the two minute time limit. My biggest problem was cutting off Adrien. It wasn’t professional and downright rude in my opinion. At this same time, I did listen to everything he said intently. I have an idea of who Adrien is even if it’s not on a completely personal level which would have been more appropriate. There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes unless you do not learn from them. I have learned from mine.

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For My Peer Interview Video I had a Set of Questions for Cindy. Below is the transcript.

Interviewer John (J): So what’s your name?

Interviewee Cindy (C): I’m Cindy

J: What is your favorite part about Queens college?

C: uhh Kinda like the bookstore because I like shopping (laughs)

J: Whats your major and why did you choose it?

C: I think I am going to study uhhh Film studies because I like watching movies but most of the time they are Chinese movies.

J: What is your favorite genre of music?

C: I kinda like uhh soft rock uh and my favorite band is ???

J: Is that Japanese based or Chinese based?

C: No it’s just French band

J: What, if any sports interest you?

C: hmm I think it is tennis and swimming because swimming is kind of relaxing to me.

J: what is your favorite band, oh wait you said your favorite band.

C: Yea (laughing)

J: Whats your favorite TV Show?

C: I love Tru Blood, it is too bloody or violent but I like the way it is.

J: And do you have any siblings?

C: Yea I got one sister and she is coming to America.

Reflective Essay:

The feeling of being interviewed over being the person who interviews are vastly different. It is amazing how when given this simple assignment that has so many possibilities people go back to the most basic of questions. It is definitely something out of the usual to be that close up with someone with a film camera knowing that these videos will be posted online for all to see.

The feelings of direction the film aka being the interviewer is much easier because if you have the camera all the heat is off of you, you don’t have to think of answers on the spot. There were things I did wrong in my video such as not responding to the answers that were given to me I just read off the questions and that does not make for a good interview.

The feelings had with being the interviewee is much different than filming because it is nerve racking making sure you are answering clearly and not doing something thats a tick or very noticeable. Even with some minor practice before the shooting it is very easy to forget what you were going to say due to nerves and the pressure of doing well. In my head i had very good well thought answers but all that i said were simple to the point answers that aren’t what i truly wanted. Being interviewed was deferentially more difficult than asking the questions.

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