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Sorry about the voice, was waiting till I got better to do the voice over but that ended up not happening.


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**sorry about the noise of the sirens and wind I hope its not too distracting and I hope you enjoy!**

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Ugh so it looks like the text on the quotes i used are way too blurry and small to read so I’ll put them on the bottom of the post just in case sorry…

ok here are what they each say there are four and they appear in this order sorry again:

1)“The most basic aspects of art…length, texture, the space’s scale, the quality of light…are the foundations for any permanent installation” – Victoria Newhouse
2)“…it is easy to overlook the extent to which the perception of these objects is influenced by their presentation” – Victoria Newhouse
3)Author Bernard Gortias argues there is a universal generic formula from which all artistic creations arise from including…
4)“…art is made by the community and for the community” – Shannon Lustig


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