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  1. Title page “Alumni Bricks by: Kevin Prunty”
  2. Queens College Logo
  3. L.S Queens College Campus
  4. Across from Jefferson Hall
  5. Camera turns right
  6. Camera turns left
  7. L.S Jefferson Hall
  8. Zoom up closer to Alumni Plaza
  9. Zoom out back to L.S
  10. Turn right and start walking toward the path to the Alumni Plaza
  11. Walk up the path
  12. Turn left shot of the benches
  13. Turn around and look at the bricks
  14. Text: Recently…
  15. Close up of bricks
  16. Pan across the bricks
  17. Zoom out
  18. Zoom in and pan across more bricks
  19. Zoom out
  20. Turn to the left and then to the right while looking down at the bricks
  21. Zoom in on more bricks
  22. Text: contributing…
  23. Text: after…
  24. Clip of first interview with student
  25. Text: the alumni plaza…
  26. Clip of second interview with student
  27. Text: some people…
  28. Clip: Queens college…
  29. Image of long shot of library
  30. Image of long shot of library with New York skyline in the back
  31. Text: whether it be…
  32. Image of long shot of New York skyline
  33. Image of Alumni Plaza
  34. Text: the alumni plaza represents…


35. The End

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Everytime i try to cut or lengthen a scene audio whatever the movie maker ends up freezing on me and says ‘not responding’ then i have to exit the page losing half my work and restarting again. After i ‘end program’ i always click “send error report” thinking the problem would be solved but it happens again and again and AGAIN. i am getting so frustrated! Can anyone help me please?!

ps this happened before with the community interviews

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I am not sure if people see my evidence and analysis because it’s very different from writing…but enjoy!

-Cllick here to the script->

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