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1.            A tracking shot to Russell

2.           Russell introducing himself.

3.           A shot of a Clerks poster

4.           A shot of a Die Hard poster which explodes.

5.           A shot of Russell listening to Metallica

6.           Flashback to Russell’s friend playing Enter Sandman on guitar.

7.           A shot of Russell listening to Pink Floyd.

8.           Shot of Shea stadium

9.           Young Russell in Shea Stadium

10.         Shot of scoreboard.

11.          Shot of Mike Piazza hitting a home run,

12.         Long shot of crowd cheering.

13.         Close up of Russell cheering with his family.

14.         Russell saying goodbye and walking off.

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1. long shot of maspeth
2. walking into the movie theater
3. close up of matt smiling
4. theater darkens
5. he sits up in his seat anxious
6. cut to a shot of the nyc skyline
7. cut to a group of his friends
8. slow turn to him walking down the streets of manhattan
9. close up of him looking around and smiling
10. shot of a classroom
11. shot of a laptop
12. shot of him sitting down in front of the laptop
13. cut to a picture of a brain
14. slow, long shot of matt sitting alone in a quiet room
15. close up of his thinking
16. a slow fade out

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1.Zarraf is talking about his first movie in his life.
2.Close-up of Cindy’s confused face.
3.Close-up of a monkey scratching its head and showing a confused face.
4.Zarraf is talking about the talking pig.
5.Close-up. A pig.(It doesnt necessarily show a talking pig.)
6.Zarraf is talking about Indian movie.
7.Showing an Indian girl who is dancing ‘belly dance’.
8.Zarraf is talking about his philosophy class.
9.Showing a surprised face (because ‘Philosophy’seems it is a big and special thing to do for me.)
10.Zarraf is talking about interesting things in Philosophy class.
11.Student who looks so tired and he throws books and notes on a table and sits down and studys hard.
12.A working ox on the field.
13.Zarraf nods his head when he talks about he likes Queens College.
14.Showing people walking around in Queens College and on every benches, there are students who are waiting for classes and reading books.
15.A picture of hell and devil’s smiling face.
16.Zarraf is talking about the English 110 class.
17.Again. Close-up. The hard-working student fall asleep.
18.Close-up. A hand of a falling man hits the ground.
19.Zarraf’s face. (The end of the interview.)
20.Long shot. Slowly away from the hard-working student and close the door of the room where the student is in.

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Shot 1: The background of where the interview is taking place (Dorm).

Shot 2: Slowly show the person being interviewed

Shot 3: Long shot and have light shining upon Beatrice.

Shot 4: Close up of Beatrice’s face

Shot 5: Medium shot of Beatrice’s head down.

Shot 6: Show a picture of Romania.

Shot 7: A scene of a family immigrating to America.

Shot 8: Zoom into her eyes

Shot 9: An image of Disney World with fireworks and Beatrice running around and playing with toys.

Shot 10: Close up of her smile.

Shot 11: Show clips from various sappy love stories that she likes such as the Note Book.

Shot 12: Medium shot of Beatrice then slowly zoom in.  

Shot 13: Have a picture of her parents. 

Shot 14: Have a heart appear in the foreground.

Shot 15: Picture of a middle school in one corner then crossed out and replaced with a picture of an elementary school.

Shot 16: A large number one appears on screen then slowly fades away.

Shot 17: While Beatrice is speaking a picture of music notes pop up, books and lines from famous poets.

Shot 18: Medium shot of Beatrice and then zoom into her smile when she mentions poetry.

Shot 19: Picture of a pathologist working with a person with a speech disorder.

Shot 20: Medium shot of Beatrice with her last remarks of what she hopes to get out of English class with a fade out.

Shot 21: Black screen.

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1)      Close up of Matt.

2)      Shot of his birth certificate.

3)      Shot of Matt talking and laughing with a group of people.

4)     Shot of Matt surrounded by thought bubbles.

5)      Shot of a potato on a couch.

6)      Shot of Matt playing video games.

7)      Closeup of calendar with a test date on the next day.

8)      Close up of Matt.

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1. dorm room door with my name on it

2.medium shot of me

3.funny sports blooper

4.actual interview footage

5.image of  a “weird” guy wearing pink

65.”cool” person wearing blue

76.actual interview footage

87.really skinny hungry kids

98.a fridge full of food

109.someone waiting for the bus right in front of a car dealership in the rain

11.someone parking near baruch on a sunny day

12.interview footage

13.footage of QC campus ending at the summit during the day with people walking around

14.shot of the sunsetting

15.The front of the summit empty during nighttime

16.people in their rooms watching tv or doing homework

17.people partying in a different school

18.close up of someone chugging a beer

19.Close up of ambulance lights

20.Close up of cemetery

21.Widen shot show beer chugging person walking by

22.close up of hospital bracelet, showing DOB and age 17

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Script of Montage of film attractions film

1.       Picture of Mark to introduce the subject

2.       Someone waving a Colombian flag

3.       A shot of Elmhurst, like a view of the town and Marks home

4.       Show a large foot stomping on a whole football team to show competition and squashing the other competitors

5.        Picture of Marks step father

6.       A shot of little kid running toward his father jumping into his arms smiling screaming “DADDYY!” to convey the emotion of a kid who is so excited and close to their father an emotion that would hit home to anyone watching that has ever felt that before.

7.       To show what Mark’s step father has shown him I would show a picture of his step father an him and then throw in a basketball, a football, and CDs to show that that is what his step father gave to him and showed him.

8.       Since Mark loves playing sports I would want to show a shot of people playing basketball

9.       A shot people playing Soccer

10.   A shot of people playing Volleyball

11.   A shot of a ping pong competition

12.   A shot of baseball and then a big red ex through it

13.   A shot of people playing football

14.   A shot of someone playing video games getting all into it on their x-box live

15.   Since the interview is first a foremost about Mark I would want a shot of him

16.   A shot of the interview location

17.   A shot of the entrance of Queens College

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  1. Silence first.
  2. Shot of Maya sitting. Close up on her.
  3. Blank name tag. (Asks name)
  4. Shot of Queens  College (why she came here)
  5. Shot of mass-transit.
  6. Campus photos (She replies with Convenience and I liked the campus)
  7. Hobbies. Clip of basketball, music, movies etc…
  8. Clip art of TV show Bones (says she watches TV; favorite show is Bones)
  9. Clip of someone playing a musical instrument. (says she likes to play live music)
  10. Clip of a smile. (she giggles after reply)
  11. Shot of women in a business suit (resembles what she wants to be in the future; asks about major.)
  12.  Long shot of movie studio. (she’s leaning towards Media Studies)
  13. Clip of someone dropping a textbook. (Asks what class/classes would she drop if she could)
  14. Show cover of a Political Science textbook.
  15. Question mark.
  16. Clip art of a pause sign (she pauses to think)
  17. Clip of someone tired ( says it take al lot out of her.)
  18. Long shot of someone writing at a desk with mounds of paper surrounding them. (says it’s a lot of writing.)
  19. Clip of shaking hands. (thank you)
  20. Clip art of someone waving goodbye (ending of interview.)

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