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Sorry! This is pretty bad.

1. I wave and then point to Adrien who waves.
2. I show a scene of lord of the rings that will give a clear example of “good action”
3. Show Adrien Smiling
4.then play a scene from a chick flick with boring negative music in the background.
5. Show an old (possibly black and white) clip of people reading then another action sequence (5 seconds or so, maybe less) from LOTR
6.Adrien with his thumbs up smiling.
7. Show a man depressed working at Mcdonalds.
8.Show the same man with a white collard shirt and large glasses sitting at a computer
9. Adrien smiling with his thumbs up.
10. Show a guy with a bored expression sitting alone on a couch.
11.Show a scene of a group of people reading outside and playing with PSPs seemingly happy.
12. Show Adrien with a book that doesn’t have a titled cover scratching his chin
13.then fade into a sequence of thethree muskateers fighting a lion with a crown in the forest of moving trees from lotr.
14. Quickly show a scene with a man depressed and alone on a deserted island.
15. Show a guy with tattered clothes sitting on an island with a generator hooked up to an xbox
16. Show Adrien wave goodbye
17. Then show Regina (me) wave goodbye.

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  1. Close up of Jenny’s hand being waved.
  2. Shot of Jenny smiling.
  3. Quick shot of me.
  4. Close up of Jenny speaking.
  5. Clip of brochure from Queens Gateway school.
  6. Jenny speaking. Regie microwaving something in the background. Back to Jenny speaking.
  7. Shot of rolls of film.
  8. Shot of cover of Romi and Michelle’s High School Reunion.
  9. Close up of Jenny’s expression when she talks about Romi and Michelle’s High School Reunion.
  10. Jenny laughing.
  11. Jenny staring at something that’s not in the frame.
  12. Short clip of first English class.
  13. Shot of film editing lab.
  14. Shot of the Queens College campus and the Quad.
  15. Clip of a list of QC programs.

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1 – Close up of spine of a book
2 – have dollars signs come up on camera
3 – Have Cindy with a grin
4 – picture of film reel
5 – clip of student studying
6 – short scene of soft rock playing in the background
7 – clip of cafe where soft rock is played
8 – short montage of sports
9 – longer montage of tennis and swimming to be spec.
10 – show video of vampires with blood on fangs
11 – grusome attack by vampires
12 – picture of china
13 – picture of cindy and her sister that isnt in america
14 – clip or picture of boat or plane to america
15 – show reunited sisters holding each other
16 – play out the scene with cindys favorite band and explosions

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1. An unknown person reveals his name as Brad
2. Close up shot: a photo of Brad Cooper infront of a magazine and text saying “there’s another brad.
3. He reveals his age age which is 17.
4. Extreme Close up shot: The name of the magazine is Seventeen.
5. Brad is asked where are you from?
6. The magazine is flipped to a page with a map of Trinidad.
7. Brad reveals his favorite musician as Britney Spears.
8. The magazine flips to a page with a photo of britney in an uncompromizing position. A text bubble says “this is brad’s favorite musician…OKKKK?”
9. Brad reveals his favorite movie as JAWS.
10. Magazine flips to sharks attacking students during spring break.
11. Brad reveals his favorite tv show as Jersey Shore and character as Pauly.
12. Magazine flips to a photo about Pauly and a circle is made around Pauly’s hairstyle
13. Extreme close-up of Brad’s hairstyle.
14. Photo of pauly again and a laugh track.
15. Brad mentioned he attends to Queens College.
16. The magazine is flipped to a page showing QC as the best college to attend right now.

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Montage of attractions script:

1. Medium shot on the face.
2. Pan away to show rest of John.
3. John says “I live in Stormville, NY”
4. cut to image of imporrtant location in Stormville (building, etc)
5. Cut back to John.
6. John explains hobbies- history and movies.
7. Cut to history books and movie theater.
8. Cut back to John
8. John explains favorite movie- Clerks.
10. Cut to scene from Clerks- Jay and Silent Bob talking to Dante.
11. Back to John stating he dorms.
12. Camera zooms in on The Summit.
13. Cut to John’s dorm room. Door opens.
14. Panoramic view of John’s dorm room.
15. Cut to John back in the interview room.
16. John explains how he likes Queens College.
17. Camera zooms out of the interview room.
18. Full shot of Queens College.

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1. Shot of a college

2. shot of Regina and first question

3. Shot of the Sun

4. picture of a brain with no ‘lines’

5. Shot of second question

6. a person who appears to be high trying to write

7. Regina and third question

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1. Pan across the area where Arron would be standing.
2. A cloud of smoke, Arron appears from it.
3. Arron introduces himself
4.Shot of royal horns being played in fanfare.
5.arron says hes from forest hills
6. shot of trees on a hill
7. we ask what his favorite album is and he answers
8. shot of the white album by the beatles just hovering in mid air
9. the ghosts of the two dead beatles appear next to him all star wars-ey and the other two beatles appear behind them
10. we ask his favorite film
11. shot of an old projector with a roll of film flapping off the end of it
12. he says “Waking life”
13. sped up shot of a flower growin out of snow
14.explains its animated, as he dose he starts to become a cartoon
15. asks why he chose to come to queens college
16. shot of qc
17 says his parents came here and met here
18. shot of people getting married on a college campus
19. says he thinks its a good school too,
20. shot of einstein with his tounge sticking out
21. arron is thanked for his time
22.shot of flying clock

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  1. Scene opens with a close up on Kevin.
  2. Cuts to Ikey close up.
  3. Clip of a cicada buzzing in a tree.
  4. A clip of a younger Ikey getting on a plane.
  5. Picture of a city in Israel.
  6. Another clip of an older Ikey getting on a plane.
  7. Older Ikey living in Brooklyn with his family members.
  8. Show a clip of people walking through a city in Israel
  9. Show a clip of people walking through Time Square
  10. Shot of Queens College
  11. Shot of movie theater
  12. Clip of a guy playing the guitar
  13. Clip of a guy skateboarding
  14. Ends with a clip of the Israeli army marching

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