Coming Attractions


8/30: Course Introduction

In-class: Intro to WMM and YouTube; Draft and shoot “Peer Interview Film”

Due: Sign up for QWriting account, Sign up for YouTube account, Join the blog and introduce yourself

9/6: NO CLASS (Labor Day)
9/8: Read Levin interview with Frederick Wiseman

Due: Peer Interview Film (link to YouTube using “Peer Interview” category)

9/13: Read Eisenstein, “The Cinematographic Principle,” first half

Due: Transcript and Reflection Essay (use “Interview Transcript” category)


Read Eisenstein, “The Cinematographic Principle,” second half

Due: Post one picture of a piece of public art on campus (use “Filming Locations” category); Comment on 2 other posts by Saturday

9/20: Read Bazin, “Adaptation, or the Cinema as Digest”
9/22: Read Barthes, “The Romans in Films”

Post to blog 3 ¶s on Barthes “ethics”; Comment on 2 other posts by Saturday

9/27: Read Eisenstein, “The Montage of Film Attractions”

*** Read Grierson, “First Principles of Documentary”

Post to blog a 3 ¶ response to Grierson; Comment on 2 other entries by Saturday

10/4: Read Gordon Harvey’s “Elements of the Academic Essay”

*** Work on Observational Documentary

10/6: *** Library Visit

Due: Post link to Observational Documentary by midnight (use “Documentary” category); Comment on 2 other documentaries by Saturday

10/11: NO CLASS (Columbus Day)
10/13: Read Sherman, “Projecting the Self” first half

Due: Persuasive Epistolary Essay

10/18: Read Sherman, “Projecting the Self” second half

Post 3¶ response on how Sherman does or doesn’t use Harvey’s “Elements”


Read Arnheim, “Who is the Author of a Film”

Due: Community Interview Film (use “Community Interview” category)

10/25: Read about MLA style on Purdue’s “OWL” website:

Respond to 2 of the Community Interview Films by today’s class


Read select reviews from MRQE (see blog) and Sontag’s “Decay of Cinema”

Read Woolf, “The Movies and Reality”

Due: Annotated Bibliography


11/8: Read Balázs, “The Creative Camera”

Read Vertov, “WE” and “the Fifth Issue”

Due: Mock Debate-Interview Transcript

11/15: Read Vertov, “Kinoks”

Post to blog a 3 ¶ response to Vertov; Comment on 2 other entries by Wednesday


Read Vertov, “Kinoks-Revolution, Selections”
11/22: Read William Zinsser, “Simplicity” and “Simplicity (Draft)”

Peer Workshop on portfolio pieces


Read Walter Murch, “Cut Out the Bad Bits” and “Why Do Cuts Work?”

Due: Kino-Pravda Film Essay (use “Kino-Pravda” category)

11/29: Discuss Kino-Pravdas

Respond to 3 of the Kino-Pravda’s by today’s class.


Peer Workshop on portfolio pieces

12/6: Peer Workshop on portfolio pieces


Read Wild, “Writing Images”

Due: Program Notes (put under your Kino-Pravda post)


Last day of class. Respond to 2 Program Notes by class

Due: Cover Letter

Final tba Final Portfolio due before or during final exam period.

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