Note that there is a change to the assignment: you should write Program Notes about a peer’s video, not your own.

In the comments section below, post 3-4 sentences that describe some “features” that Program Notes share.

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Together, we will decide on 5 criteria for assessing your Kino-Pravdas, using the three things below. Here is a link to a sample grading rubric

1) In the comments section of this post is the initial freewrite after watching Vertov’s film.

2) In the comments section of this post is where you identified the most important idea in Vertov’s writing.

3) And here is the initial assignment:

Assignment #8: “Kino-Pravda” Film Essay (7-9 minutes)

Thinking back to Dziga Vertov’s practice of kino-pravda or “Film Truth,” your final film project is to make a documentary film essay that synthesizes all of your research and thinking about how your chosen artwork functions in the community, making an argument about the significance of this art. Your film essay might include such things as: a discussion of the history of work, its cultural significance, a technical description of how it works or how it was made, an aesthetic description of its qualities, a cultural description of how it is perceived. You should incorporate your early footage from the “Observational Documentary” and the “Community Interview,” but also add about 5 minutes of contextual and argumentative information described above.

Audience: The Queens College community

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Sorry about the voice, was waiting till I got better to do the voice over but that ended up not happening.

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**sorry about the noise of the sirens and wind I hope its not too distracting and I hope you enjoy!**

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